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Candid Discussion About DID – Controversy Re DID, Its Existence and Its Origin

22 Oct Q&A Livestream Is DID real? Does DID exist? There has been a controversy in the Mental Health Community surrounding DID. Is it real? If so, is it rooted in trauma? Or does DID exist simply because society “suggests” or “rewards” patients for presenting with dissociative symptoms? I am sure you know where I… Read More »

My Experience With C-PTSD/PTSR & 3 Tips That Are Helping Me

In this video, Gabriel goes into detail on how he’s been coping with his cPTSD/PTSR and what he’s doing to get himself out of it whenever an emotional flashback occurs. The emotional flash backs or as I’ve learned to call it (from Eckart Tolle) the Pain Body is a feeling where you get the emotions… Read More »

2 hour Narcissistic Parents Q&A with Angie Atkinson

10 Sept Livestream “Narcissistic Family Q&A with Angie Atkinson” Subscribe to Angie’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AuthorAngelaAtkinson?sub_confirmation=1 This conversation we are having during this video may be especially helpful for adults who were abused or neglected from the ages of 0-8 by a narcissistic parent or caregiver. Psychological abuse, coercion, emotional neglect, and all forms of child abuse… Read More »