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Learning to Trust in Relationships When Living with PTSD | HealthyPlace

Learning to trust others can be one of the hardest things to do when you live with PTSD. Get some tips on learning to trust (again or for the first time): Watch. Get more info at https://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/traumaptsdblog/2019/9/overcoming-trust-issues-when-you-have-ptsd, ‘Overcoming Trust Issues When You Have PTSD’ ▷ Subscribe to the HealthyPlace YouTube Channel at http://bit.ly/2I4o7bH ▷ Visit… Read More »

CPTSD TALK Welcomes You!

CPTSD TALK Welcomes You! As a Complex PTSD Survivor, diagnosed in 2013. My goal is to share my story, bring awareness, and help support other survivors on this journey that we are on with a positive attitude. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe 💙Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shirl.cptsdtalk.9 💙Twitter https://twitter.com/CptsdTalk 💙Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cptsdtalk 💙Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/cptsd0173 Email @ cptsdtalk@gmail.com Source: Youtube

Being A People Pleaser and CPTSD

Being a People Pleaser is something we with CPTSD are, usually. We try to please people to save us from any negative effect. In order not to get or be hurt again. But in all honesty, being a people pleaser hurts you in the long run. . 💙 Check out more videos about CPTSD Please… Read More »

5 Myths and Facts of PTSD – Complex PTSD

5 Myths and Facts about Complex PTSD/PTSD. There are so many myths out there about Complex PTSD/PTSD. Let’s help set it straight. Follow Me at Facebook @lifesjourneywithptsd Instagram @lifesjourneywithptsd Twitter @shirleys1113 Blog https://lifesjourneywithptsd.blogspot.com/ 📧EMail📧 lifesjourneywithptsd@gmail.com Music: Outside Musician: @iksonofficial Source: Youtube

10 Things You Should Know About Your Loved One With PTSD – CPTSD

10 things you should know about your loved one who has PTSD. Things you might not even know about them. – Complex PTSD. Follow Me at Facebook @lifesjourneywithptsd Instagram @lifesjourneywithptsd Twitter @shirleys1113 Blog https://lifesjourneywithptsd.blogspot.com/ 📧EMail📧 lifesjourneywithptsd@gmail.com Music: Early Hours Musician: @iksonofficial Source: Youtube

PTSD Anxiety and What You Can Do about It

The causes of PTSD Anxiety can be manifold. It could be because of a lack of boundaries, you have gone through a life-threatening experience, you are feeling overwhelmed, or you feel you need to control others and your environment. All of these factors can give rise and continuation to feeling anxious. Without going to deep… Read More »

What Is C-PTSD? (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Complex PTSD is different from PTSD. With PTSD, there’s typically one traumatic incident that an individual is dealing with; however, Complex PTSD is a diagnosis that occurs when a person experiences repeated episodes of trauma. The individual has experienced several traumatic incidents which may have happened over the years. Their symptoms can be more severe… Read More »

Complex PTSD Symptoms and Dissociation

To go deeper into healing Trauma, have a look at The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations ► https://tinyurl.com/y8ccjktn Having Post-Traumatic Stress means that you can’t hold and process the surplus of emotional charge, and therefore you are not healing. What goes with that is dissociation through what I have named “binding factors”. It is those… Read More »

When Anxiety Becomes a Complex PTSD Symptom

The Trauma Essential Series ► https://tinyurl.com/y7xfnxgu The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations ► https://tinyurl.com/y8ccjktn Online Counseling ► https://tinyurl.com/y8e4gqh6 Website ► https://rolandbal.com/ Facebook page ► https://tinyurl.com/y9ylq9cd Anxiety is often present when suffering from complex PTSD and trauma. The problem is that anxiety can take up so much space that you may think it becomes a stand-alone… Read More »

Healing Complex PTSD and How to Start PTSD Treatment

The Trauma Essential Series ► https://rolandbal.com/trauma-essentials/ The Trauma Care Audio Guided Meditations ► https://rolandbal.com/meditations-for-working-with-ptsd-cptsd-and-childhood-trauma/ Online Counseling ► https://rolandbal.com/online-counseling-ptsd-cptsd-complex-trauma-roland-bal/ Website ► https://rolandbal.com/ Facebook page ► https://www.facebook.com/ResolvingPostTraumaticStress/ Post-Traumatic Stress is complex, and it is easy to get lost in where to start and how to approach it. The mind, when overwhelmed and stressed out, naturally dissociates and… Read More »