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PTSD: The Silent Suffering

This is an educational resource for individuals suffering from PTSD or for their family and friends who are learning about how to help someone who is silently suffering. In this video, MSTM CEO, Janelle Marina Mendez, discusses her struggle of suffering. She speaks about her struggles with negative thoughts and feelings. She provides insight into… Read More »


An intense reaction to the feeling of abandonment is one of the harshest and most common adult symptoms of Complex PTSD (or Childhood PTSD). In this video I share an excerpt from my online course “Dysregulation Bootcamp,” a 20-day course that helps you identify and heal triggers and calm the symptoms of early abuse and… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: How to Recognise the Outer Critic (Pete Walker)

This is the second video I’ve done on the Outer Critic based on Pete Walkers work and I can say with all honesty that as I move through the recovery process and my heart heals, it becomes even more obvious the psychological wound from the outer critic. I’m so happy to have done this video… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: How to Do Valentines Day with a Difference

How to Do Valentines Day with a Difference With Complex Ptsd we can go about Valentines Day differently and have awesome results! Free Valentines Day handout – https://consciouswarrioracademy.thinkific.com/courses/free-complexptsd-resources Source: Youtube

68. Dance Therapy for Complex PTSD

Dance Therapy is one of the most effective treatment methods for Complex PTSD. Using the body, nervous system, and movement, this complex trauma can be rewired and released. In this episode, you’ll from from Shay Seaborne how she went from self-harm and flashbacks to loving her body again and being present in relationships. This allowed… Read More »

How to Change an Automatic Trigger Response

How to Change an Automatic Trigger Response WE all have automatic trigger responses where we lose the plot emotionally and reference our past. Here’s a fun way we’re going to start changing it up! Free Handout: https://consciouswarrioracademy.thinkific.com/courses/free-complexptsd-resources Source: Youtube

Is Your Partner's CPTSD Hurting Your Relationship? Here's What to Do.

People with CPTSD can be angry, needy and unreasonable, but also smart, compassionate and wise. If your partner is affected by early trauma, these tips will help you take care of yourself AND offer support when he or she is experiencing symptoms. Want to learn the science and strategies for recovery from past trauma? Take… Read More »


ERASE V. helps to overcome intrusive and violent memories, by overloading visual working memory, multitasking and other tricks… You can successfully erase or reduce the intrusion of traumatic memories! Our satisfaction rate reaches 80%. ERASE V. is more specific to More specific to Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We offer this session to help overcome… Read More »

Fountain Therapy Episode 2 – The effects of Complex PTSD

During the second episode, we explore the depression, anxiety and stress Chris Puddy felt after his traumatic road traffic collision. From extreme physical reaction to avoidance to angry outbursts and moments of being inconsolable, Complex PTSD can have many different effects. No two people are the same and the symptoms each person display will be… Read More »