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C-PTSD Interview From REHAB with The Process With Teri Anderson

According to Bridges To Recovery “Complex post-traumatic stress disorder, C-PTSD, is a devastating condition that affects some people who have lived through long-term trauma, such as months or years of abuse. It causes symptoms similar to PTSD but also other symptoms that lead to significant impairment in relationships and quality of life. Diagnosing C-PTSD can… Read More »


ARE YOU TRAUMATIZED? SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Hey and welcome to another amazing video! What is trauma? How does one get out of it? And how does one realize that they are traumatized? Let’s find out in today’s video. But, first, before we go on, a sub to the channel would be very appreciated, comment, share… Read More »

Are You Suffering From Unresolved Trauma?

Ten adverse childhood experiences to know about to help you understand your trauma ! … Find out if You Are Suffering From Unresolved Trauma ??… Childhood trauma is not something you can “JUST” get over. It continues to hurting adulthood. Everyone should know their Ace’s score! Why?To empower yourself. To understand how these adverse experience… Read More »

What is trauma? The author of “The Body Keeps the Score” explains

What is trauma? The author of “The Body Keeps the Score” explains, with Bessel van der Kolk Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ►► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvQECJukTDE2i6aCoMnS-Vg Up next ►► How to heal trauma with meaning: A case study in emotional evolution | BJ Miller https://www.youtube.com/c/bigthink/search?query=trauma Contrary to popular belief, trauma is extremely common. We all have… Read More »

Three Things I Wish People Understood About PTSD/C-PTSD

— Follow me: http://instagram.com/complextraumaqueen Tweets by cplxtraumaqueen Support the channel: patreon.com/kelela  Donate at posttraumaticvictory.com Music: special thanks to BenSound (bensound.com) and DJ Quads (http://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads) Disclaimer: I am simply sharing my experiences and my opinion. Please do not take any medical advice from my content, and please speak to someone if you’re struggling or have questions… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: 10 Trauma Driven Beliefs

Complex Ptsd: 10 Trauma Driven Beliefs – Identifying beliefs that are driven by our trauma can help our recovery journey happen more quickly. #complexptsd #complextrauma #trauma Information is vital for our recovery journey, without it we can feel continually lost and overwhelmed. Coaching, Membership, Support Groups , Free Library – https://healingfromcomplexptsd.com/healing-cptsd/ Source: Youtube

60 Characteristics of Complex Trauma – Part 23-Afraid To Be A Burden

People from Complex Trauma were often made to feel they were a burden as children. This can keep them from asking for necessary help in adult life, which can result in thinking they have to be self-sufficient, but that is impossible. So, they set themselves up for failure. What can they do to change? Source:… Read More »

Coping With C-PTSD (Complex Childhood Trauma) & Relationship Issues

What Does Living As An Adult With CPTSD or Complex Post Traumatic Stress / Developmental Feel Like? Living with Abandonment Anxiety In Adult Relationships and working through paranoid thoughts due to childhood traumas… This is what a typical week has had me feeling as it relates to my interpersonal relationships. 🔔 Subscribe 🔔 #MentalHealthMatters ➤… Read More »