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How To Have Fulfilling Relationships Despite PTSD | PTSD And Relationships: PTSD TV

How to love someone with PTSD or CPTSD. Today Brad and I talk about how to create a fulfilling relationship despite PTSD. It can seem near impossible to have calm relationship, let alone a fulfilling one, when you have PTSD. But, today we want to show you exactly what you need to be doing to… Read More »

How Jen Ready Healed Her PTSD Nightmares And Got Her Life Back | Broken To Unbreakable Review

Jennifer Ready joined Broken To Unbreakable in January of 2019. When Jen came to me she felt as though PTSD had control over her life, she was forced to drop out of school, was isolating, and her night terrors were dominating her nights and ruining her days. Jen went through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and… Read More »

You Have to Play Hurt | Monday Motivation: PTSD TV

PTSD hurts right? With PTSD everyday feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest with no guide, 100 mile an hour gusts, and no climbing gear… It’s painful, and it seems like it will last forever. But here’s the first lesson about PTSD…You have to learn how to play hurt. That’s what Brad and I cover in today’s… Read More »

How To Stop Waking Up In Fear | PTSD Q&A: PTSD TV

“I wake up in physical fear most mornings, how do I calm myself down?” That’s the question one of our listeners gave us, and it’s what we’re going to be covering today! In this episode we give you a LOT of tools to help you get relief, so make sure you listen up because this… Read More »

How To Learn To Trust, Push Through Fear, and Believe Not Everyone Is Bad | PTSD Q&A: PTSD TV

Today Brad and I answer BIG questions…how to trust AND move through fear. Here’s the question we were asked… “I find it hard to trust new people or just people in general, like my boyfriend, because of past hurts. I know PTSD is typically because of past experience traumas, but I wanted to know how… Read More »

Lighten Up And Laugh A Little | PTSD And Relationships: PTSD TV

Welcome back to this week’s episode on PTSD And Relationships! Today Brad and I talk about how to laugh and lighten up, and why it’s so important as you progress through your PTSD journey. The therapeutic benefits of humor have been understood for centuries… Finding things to laugh at while going through the horrible things… Read More »

How to Set Boundaries and Speak Up | PTSD Recovery Workshop: PTSD TV

Welcome to this weeks PTSD Recovery Workshop where Brad and I talk about how to set boundaries and speak up. Do you do what YOU want? Or is your life at the mercy of others? In today’s episode we teach you steps you need to take so you can set healthy boundaries. Creating boundaries around… Read More »

How To Unapologetically Be Yourself – Not Nice | PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV

Welcome to this weeks PTSD Book Club where Brad and I review Dr. Aziz Gazipura’s book “Not Nice”. We uncover all the ways that you’re holding yourself back in relationships. So often we allow our PTSD to rule all our relationships… we hide in our shells and can even lose a sense of who we… Read More »

Focus On What You CAN Do, Not What You CAN'T Do | Monday Motivation – PTSD TV

This Monday Brad and I talk about how you can start to take control of your PTSD and your life. It all starts with focusing on what you CAN do, and stop focusing on what you can’t. So often we worry about all these other things that our completely outside of our control, and just… Read More »

6 WEEK PTSD TRANSFORMATION – From Suicidal to Unconditional Self Love – Jenny Fernandes

Jenny is a student of Broken To Unbreakable, she has made what most think is an impossible transformation. In only 6 weeks Jenny… – Completely eliminated her suicidal thoughts and self harm – Ended her night terrors – Ended and walked away from her abusive relationship – Overcame her agoraphobia – Is meeting new people… Read More »

Overcoming PTSD Isolation By Micheale Ann

Micheale is a new student of Broken To Unbreakable and feels in control for the first time in over a year. At the lowest of her low she used to isolate herself to her bedroom and shut out the world. Now only after a few days she’s taking steps out of her room, and regaining… Read More »

Top PTSD Myths That Hold You Back – PTSD Book Club: PTSD TV

On this week’s PTSD Book Club Brad and I talk about the founder of EMDR, Francine Shapiro’s, book “Getting Past Your Past”! This book is an incredible read for anyone who is suffering with PTSD. It will give you hope for a FULL recovery, and also give you some incredibly amazing action steps you can… Read More »