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NEW! I just released a low-cost mini-course featuring extended versions of my Isolation series videos, plus bonus videos from my most popular videos of all time. You can access the new course here: https://courses.crappychildhoodfairy.com/courses/CPTSD-and-Isolation For a deeper dive into all the symptoms of Childhood PTSD — how they happen, and what to do, take my… Read More »

PTSD Trauma Healing Video

Here I talk about my own experience of working with teenagers with complex PTSD, including common behaviours and the wide range of spectrum that trauma plays out. I talk about trauma, and how it affects us all in our own ways, and how to heal these past traumas. This is very specific to my own… Read More »

Simple to Complex Trauma & Overcoming Disassociation

Here I talk about – The spectrums of Trauma – Simple and complex trauma – Disassociation – Reconnecting with your emotions to work with trauma I am a professional counsellor, specialising in mindfulness, and use a transpersonal approach. I offer Skype sessions online so feel free to contact me through private message. You can also… Read More »

PTSD: We are NOT Broken | San Pao | TEDxDirigo

In this riveting and personal talk, San Pao walks us through memories of a life lived with PTSD, exploring the many ways trauma and its consequences can manifest and shape a person’s path over time. Drawing on his experiences as a veteran, refugee, and son, he encourages us to talk about PTSD, openly and with… Read More »

The Art and Science of Suffering | Julia DiGangi | TEDxDePaulUniversity

Through her work with torture survivors, combat veterans, bereaved parents and orphans, Julia DiGangi has become intimately acquainted with the many faces of suffering—and it was through this work that she sought to understand both the scientific underpinnings and the spiritual consequences of stress and trauma. She shares what she has learned about various forms… Read More »