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PTSD, Omar & The Iranian Issue (part 3 of 3)

Source: The issue of PTSD is a very serious issue, and one that doesn’t limit itself to military personnel. But US Rep. Ilhan Omar (P-MN) crossed a line with her need to make the issue about politics, and she owes everyone an apology…all that and a rebroadcast of a segment with The Underground’s Frank Salvato… Read More »

On PTSD and Trauma as the main focus to access the next level of Human evolution

Im going to create a video that gets 100% of humanity on board with a generative game that will give you freedom, and synergy, and make you safe. I’m a genius level tactician on weed, and Im using Landmark Education and Stephen covey’s principles when i say, I’ve already won the earth game, its you… Read More »