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10 Tested Ways to Manage Anger, According to NYPD Experts

►How to Manage Anger: Advice From N.Y.P.D. Experts ————————————————————————— 😊Ever wonder how law enforcement officers are able to stay calm, cool and collected during an intense bout on the job? Or how soldiers manage to keep their cool in perilous battle situations? According to experts, anger management is an idiosyncratic process – meaning each person… Read More »

Abuse of power, control, dismissal, invisible disabilities, government departments

Some of my thoughts and experiences dealing with WINZ and ACC in New Zealand with regards to bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Access of medical records. Dismissal. Delay to approve. Triggering and distress. I cannot trust government departments from past experiences (which I did not outline in full here). I made some videos three… Read More »

Life Beyond PTSD: How Nia Gave Me My Body Back | Heather Leah Huddleston | TEDxWilmington

Heather Leah Huddleston suffered from painfully paralysing PTSD — her body was either so tense that it shook, or so out of her control that she embodied self-harm. She did everything she could think of to get through it — studied world religions, engaged in talk therapy, and sought the outlet of challenging her body,… Read More »

Religion, spirituality, bipolar, trauma, PTSD

I used to be a Christian. I am now non-religious and agnostic leaning atheist. I don’t often talk about religion as it has been a hugely triggering topic for me. I give a few of the reasons why I am bothered by religion. I found a lot of it to be psychologically abusive and controlling.… Read More »

[Subliminal] (Binural Beats) Cure/Control PTSD – Daisy Smoltz Subs

Recommended Video: “[Subliminal] (Binural Beats) Remove Emotions *REVISED/UPDATED 2019* – Daisy Smoltz Subs” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T94uEpF9kvE –~– (Note, This if you chose to download my audio, i respectfully ask you make a small donation of 1 dollar or less to my paypal, daisysmoltzsubliminals@gmail.com, after all i do have bills to pay, Thank you) A Message from Daisy… Read More »

Q&A Subscriber Feedback Part 1

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Shane’s Law Petition: https://www.change.org/p/protection-for-victims-that-are-suffering-emotional-psychological-and-financial-abuse-by-narcissistic-personality-disordered-individuals Suicide Prevention (US) 1 800 273 8255 Domestic Violence Help (US) 1 800 799 7233 https://www.endingviolencecanada.org/ Women’s Aid (UK) 0808 2000 247 Suggestion: SUMAC on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=sumac+berries&hvadid=78546401939078&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=p&tag=mh0b-20&ref=pd_sl_qdptwwarm_p Thank you for watching and please vote for this video with a thumbs… Read More »

Zen: Overcoming Insomnia & PTSD

FREE intro course! visit https://www.mindbodywizard.com/free-gift CASE STUDY O2: ZEN CATALDO – INSOMNIA & PTSD I’ve known Zen since 2007, and always have liked and admired them. When I was shooting video for this course, I saw a post Zen made about having insomnia and needing to find a way to sleep better. I reached out… Read More »

My Mother the Psychosomatic Narcissist & the Night that Led to My Discard

Time to talk about the taboo subject, the family secret that mom is a narcissist and everything revolves around her. My mother is a psychosomatic narcissist. This type of narcissist is what I feel accurately describes her and how she goes about getting her narcissistic supply (attention). I provide a small amount of background on… Read More »

PTSD Treatment Birmingham Soldier Now Happy 1 Week After NLP For PTSD

PTSD treatment 1 week on former Birmingham soldier. Click for more FREE help here; http://www.debbiewilliams.co.uk/ptsd_or_post_traumatic_stress_disorder_nlp_can_help.htm Craig Burgess talks about the changes in his PTSD post traumatic stress disorder and how all the nightmares and flashbacks have stopped after just one session with Birmingham NLP hypnotherapist Debbie Williams. Get a free hypnosis recording Stop worrying and… Read More »

Combat Stress Management on the Nuclear Battlefield | US Army Training Film | 1958 | News Todays

Combat Stress Management on the Nuclear Battlefield | US Army Training Film | 1958 | News Todays Welcome to News Todays. ● CHECK OUT OUR 2ND CHANNEL: ✚ Watch our “Military Training Films” PLAYLIST: ►Facebook: ►Google+: ►Twitter: This film is a 1958 U.S. Army training film about the management of combat stress reactions on the… Read More »

Black Ops Marine & The Ultimate Warrior

Project Camelot interviews David Corso with Duncan O’Finioan http://projectcamelot.org/duncan_o_finioan.html We interviewed Dave Corso at his home in Pahrump, Nevada, together with Duncan O’Finioan, one of PROJECT TALENT’S ‘Ultimate Warriors’. Both were participants in what has been dubbed by some by some the military’s ‘spook soldier’ program. These unconventional friends have a similar background involving covert… Read More »

Dr. Colin A. Ross interview, pt 3 – “Conclusion on MKULTRA & Mind Control” #163

An Interview with Dr. Colin A. Ross, pt. 3 – “MKULTRA – Conclusion on Mind Control” – #162 This episode is with an interview with Dr. Colin Ross, titled “What is Mind Control” and is being released on Tuesday, April 09, 2013. This interview with Clint and Burt was recorded on Thursday, April 04, 2013.… Read More »