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This video is about asking the question- “What is abuse?” The reason I wanted to talk about this is because emotional abuse is often overlooked and when we are impacted by emotional abuse we’re often not thought of as victims of “abuse.” However, the impact of other’s cruel and insulting behaviors can result in a… Read More »


This is an introductory video to my own inner emotional work, recovering from childhood trauma. There is more to this video than this, but I figure I would start with this so that I could use this video for my channel trailor… (I’m also pretty hungry and also pretty freaking sick of editing videos right… Read More »

Managing Interactions With A Narcissist- An Introductory Look Into The Mindsets of Immature People!

So there is a lot to try to understand when it comes to the human brain. There’s even more that we can’t possible even begin to comprehend when it comes to narcissists. We know that there is deep rooted shame, trauma, and fear of abandonment… but aren’t those things usually associated with most personality disorders?… Read More »

How to Overcome Childhood Trauma #3: The Power of Positive Thinking #PTSD #TraumaHealing

Hello, my name is Hong Jeong, licensed therapist in Los Angeles, California. I hope all is well. This is our virtual therapy sessions #3 on how to overcome childhood trauma. So you have missed our previous sessions and I’d encourage you to watch previous sessions. In our virtual therapy, I ask questions and give you… Read More »

UNDERSTAND C-PTSD & RIGHT BRAIN THINKING! Understand the two hemisphere of our brain! Abuse, Trauma!

Please note*** at the end I make a jome about hating men because for whatever reason i let the conversation stray to that! Lol, but it is a joke! Please do not take that seriously!! If i meant it I definitely wouldnt have said it lol. But anyway…. Intellectualizing is a form of denial that… Read More »

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) | Let's Have A Chat

I’m going to start a series about mental illnesses and disorders. Today, I’m going to be talking about PTSD, types of coping skills, and my thoughts on therapy and medicine to help mental illness. The picture I’m drawing, is what I think PTSD would look like if it was monster. I thought it would be… Read More »

What They Don't Tell You About Traumatic Experiences (How to Overcome PTSD)

Many people experience trauma, but why do some people figure out how to overcome PTSD and others don’t? In this video we discuss post traumatic stress disorder vs post traumatic growth and what we can all do to improve our mental health and resistance. Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental… Read More »

Combat Anxiety With This Tool

Anxiety Disorders are some of the most common emotional disorders causing people to feel excessively frightened or distressed. When untreated, anxiety disorders begin to negatively affect day-to-day lives. Job performance, school, work and personal relationships can begin to suffer as a result. Pathways Counseling Services specializes in treating a wide variety of anxiety disorders, including:… Read More »

5 Signs You're Overcoming Your Trauma (Post Traumatic Growth) | The Rewired Soul

Trauma affects a ton of people. From childhood trauma, to PTSD, to complex trauma, emotional abuse and more. Through practicing coping skills, you may wonder if you’re doing better. In this video we discuss 5 signs that you’re overcoming trauma. Retweet this video for a second entry in the Shane Dawson palette giveaway!: https://twitter.com/TheRewiredSoul/status/1191158613324099584?s=20 If… Read More »

ACEs & C-PTSD Lesson 2: Release

In this series, Teri Wellbrock, host of The Healing Place Podcast, shares lessons she has utilized along her healing journey from trauma to triumph. Join Teri on iTunes, Spotify, Blubrry, and her website for audio versions. Visit https://teriwellbrock.com/ and http://unicornshadows.com/ to subscribe to her monthly Hope for Healing Newsletter, follow her informative blog, and for… Read More »