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Today we are going into the jaws of parenting HELL! With PTSD. But, I’m going to show you, and bring you back; armed and ready for your next battle with PTSD. Much love and respect! Thanks for the support, eh! See you tomorrow for TATTOO TUESDAY! 1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6sZFq2K363A 2. 7 CUPS OF TEA – https://www.7cups.com… Read More »

Symptom of Age Regression

✨✨✨The Dissociative Identity Movement ~ https://kristinkarina.wixsite.com/kristinchronicles/single-post/dissociativeidentitymovementpromptoutline✨✨✨ The Dissociative Identity Movement is an annual month-long worldwide mental health advocacy movement to raise awareness regarding trauma, structural dissociation, dissociative disorders, & most importantly what it means to live with a dissociative identity. Our soft launch is during the month of March 2019. The movement will be in… Read More »

EP54: Post Traumatic Growth

Ken Falke, a 21-year Navy veteran, shares his experience in bomb disposal and how his life experiences have led him to his philanthropic work with mental health centers for veterans. As the founder of the nation’s first privately-funded mental health center for veterans, Ken is passionate about helping people grow from their trauma. He walks… Read More »

CrossFit Vs PTSD

How Crossfit helps me with my issues with PTSD. Never Forget · Tennessee Jet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx-ysLwxoSA Track: 3rd Prototype – I Know [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/ZRnrjxDKv6Q Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/IKnowYO Song: King CAAN ft. ELYSA – Go Again (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:… Read More »

How I Cope with PTSD

My sincerest apologies. YouTube won’t seem to allow me to post closed captions. I’m sorry for anyone who is D/deaf or hard of hearing, or if you just like subtitles because my voice is hard to understand. I’m hoping YouTube fixes the problem soon. If the subtitles I posted myself are too fast, you can… Read More »

PTSD & Depression: Who is on your Board Of Directors

In this webcast Dr. Frank Ochberg discusses how he helps his PTSD and depressed patients. Many people with PTSD and depression say negative things about themselves to themselves. Dr. Ochberg explains a therapeutic tool he calls “your board of directors.” Replacing the negative people on your board of directors with those who are supportive. Source:… Read More »

story time i have ptsd | TW: what caused it and how it affects me

story time i have ptsd | what caused it and how it affects me ***Trigger Warning – gun violence, drugs, teen pregnancy, and probably some other things??*** _____________________________________ I don’t normally make videos like this but I hope it will somehow help me get over the stuff that has happened to me in the past.… Read More »

Time Regression with DID & CPTSD: Reverting to Ten Years Ago At New Home: DID Struggles

✨✨✨Time Regression with DID & C-PTSD: Reverting to Ten Years Ago At New Home: Insight into Dissociative Struggles of DID✨✨✨ (original recording: 3/6/2018. music: “Infinite Perspective” by Kevin MacLeod) ✨✨✨THE KRISTIN CHRONICLES✨✨✨ “The Kristin Chronicles Journey: Living with a Dissociative Identity” is a blog written by Kristin Windsor who has struggled severely with dissociative identity… Read More »

P.T.S.D. | Redonkulas.com

Over the last two years, Popp has received many emails regarding how to cope with post traumatic stress disorder. Now he’ll answer them. Please donate to Popp Culture via Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/redonkulaspopp Or donate via Paypal! http://www.redonkulas.com the main page the words donate Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! http://www.facebook.com/redonkulaspopp Tweets by RedonkulasPopp http://www.Redonkulas.com Source: Youtube