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Awareness Facilitator Training – Module 3: BEYOND TRAUMA, INTO LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS

3. BEYOND TRAUMA, INTO LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS. Using past trauma to build awareness and transform darkness into light.​ This module allows us to contend with our darker sides and unconscious parts of our being. Trauma represents a block, mental or emotional, and traumatic events often must be worked through or their consequences addressed before healing can… Read More »

Deep massage for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Part 11 of Brandon working on blind student

Please see http://www.raynormassage.com or www.massage-school-london.co.uk or http://www.massage-courses-sydney.com.au Sydney Massage Courses Demonstration – Starting to to wind down the treatment by Brandon just getting a little bit more tension out of John. Part 11/12 Source: Youtube