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The Covert Narcissist Sibling

#NarcissisticSibling #SiblingRivalry #SiblingAbuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder THE COVERT NARCISSIST SIBLING (RELOADED) discusses how Narcissistic Personality Disorder manifests in siblings who are covert narcissists. Covert Narcissism (also known as Vulnerable Narcissism or Introverted Narcissism) is notoriously difficult to spot. In this video we identify and break down some of the narcissistic brother and sister sibling traits. Sibling is… Read More »

part F of G-8/7/17"HAVE PTSD /TAKING ADVANTAGE/WANT TO REMEMBER" 3rd sx-part 4a_2394

“Why am I crying?“ ”the meds”. domestic violence abuse child children neglect violate ptsd pawn minimize surgery consent emergency assault battery covert felony  “OW! OMG I HAVE PTSD   STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME   I WANT TO REMEMBER” part 4a_2394 Source: Youtube