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Coping with Pandemic Anxiety

Check out some wholesome content: https://www.youtube.com/user/JennaJulienPodcast Check out some sex positive content, because if you’re into it, then dang it you should get into yourself! Hannah Witton: https://www.youtube.com/user/hannahgirasol What’s My Body Doing: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmgFWyoBQ00FjQBUOgMfAg — Follow me: @ptvkelela Support the channel: patreon.com/kelela PayPal.me/ptvkelela Donate at posttraumaticvictory.com Shop at posttraumaticvictory.com/shop Music: special thanks to BenSound (bensound.com) and… Read More »

C-PTSD Emotional Flashbacks- What Are They And What Can We Do? Recognizing Childhood & Other Trauma

This is my introductory video on emotional flashbacks and my experiences with trauma and c-ptsd. Some emotions that we experience can stem from a time in a life before we were even able to store visual memories. In other words, we can experience and revisit emotions that we felt when we were just 2 years… Read More »

Narcissistic Abuse Can Cause C-PTSD, Anxiety & Paranoia From Various Forms of Emotional Abuse/Trauma

Here I talk a little bit about suppressed convictions and the anxiety that narcissistic abuse can cause us. These sorts of traumatic relationships can cause us a serious amount of psychological harm putting us at greater risks for more paranoid minds and disorders and states of beings from the resulting C-PTSD. It is important to… Read More »

Triggers of PTSD after Narcissistic Abuse

We are in such a fear based place with all this madness around COVID-19. People are being triggered all around the world while they watch this all unfold. Learn the signs your PTSD is being triggered and tools to help you focus on self care. Join my private Facebook group I’m Divine Free meditation at… Read More »

What is C PTSD? – A Brief Introduction

Thanks for watching! In this video I talk about what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD & C-PTSD) as well as the symptoms, causes and treatment. Any questions or video idea suggestions? Feel free to comment bellow or message me on any of my social media: Snapchat: alianime https://www.instagram.com/alison.sendou Source: Youtube

Coping with PTSD & coronavirus, why you shouldn't panic

A lot of talk (and fear-mongering) has been spread the past weeks, and I wanted to clear things up for you. Every week I do a live Q&A for all my clients and one question asked was about how to handle these stressful times. My answer was you don’t have to be stressful! I also… Read More »

P.T.S.D. and Healing

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Suicide Prevention (US) 1 800 273 8255 Domestic Violence Help (US) 1 800 799 7233 Suicide Prevention (CAN) 1 833 456 4566 Home Womens Aid (UK) 0808 2000 247 Domestic Violence Help (AUS) 1 800 RESPECT (737 732) Thank you for watching and please… Read More »

NARCISSISTIC ABUSE: How Do We Get Back to Emotional Regulation?

#naracissism #narcissisticabuse #abuse #childhoodwounds #emotionalliteracy #emotionalregulation #emotionalflashbscks #npd #cptsd #ptsd The more I learn about narcissism and narcissistic abuse, the more I realize how much my experience of being emotionally and psychologically abused in that relationship (and really all through my childhood as well) has affected me, and how many others are out there who’re… Read More »

How to stop complex ptsd triggers and live a fulfilling life

#complexptsd #triggers #innercritic #sophilialarkwoodbury HOW TO STOP COMPLEX PTSD TRIGGERS AND LIVE A FULFILLING LIFE// Ever wonder why you get triggered so frequently, seemingly out of the blue? Those of us who struggle with complex PTSD often experience emotional flashbacks that throw us into a whirlwind of feelings that are hard to control. Those flashbacks… Read More »

You Don't Need A CPTSD Diagnosis to Start Healing

Some mental health diagnoses are important. But most people with CPTSD or complex trauma from childhood have never been diagnosed — or they may have been MIS-diagnosed. If trauma from your childhood is causing problems for you now, you don’t have to wait. You can start identifying and healing your symptoms NOW. You can learn… Read More »

Cptsd- in the grasps of its effect

Together we can raise awareness and educate others, as well as each other, about the effects of cptsd endured by the aftermath of Domestic Violence. Together we can seek changes in the judicial system where there is little to no knowledge of the detriment that survivors of domestic violence endure when suffering from cptsd. Together… Read More »

Flashback Feb 25, 2020 : c-ptsd, trauma, dissociation, ptsd, somatic flashback

This was probably my most horrible, violent flashback. In the memory he kept strangling me and choking me over and over again. It was so physically painful. I was unable to ground myself and stay in the present. I repeatedly say “I’m in the attic.” I’m crawling trying to get away from him. It’s hell.… Read More »