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Smptoms of C-PTSD-Week 4 || Coping with Trauma || Dissociative Identity Disorder

We dive into the symptoms of cptsd or complex ptsd. This is all trauma based. There *should* be nothing triggering in this video as it just explains symptoms of complex ptsd. Some people that have osdd or did (dissociative identity disorder) have c-ptsd symptoms. Tools I use for my DID: Coping with Trauma Book: https://amzn.to/2JPWSId… Read More »


If you’re not making any progress healing from the effects of a traumatic childhood, it’s very likely everything you were told about how to do it… is WRONG. In this video I teach the five phases of healing that take you from suffering to fulfillment.. and freedom. *** One of the courses I mention in… Read More »

These Complex PTSD Symptoms May Be Why You're LOSING FRIENDSHIPS

If you were abused or neglected in childhood, you’ve had more than your share of ruined friendships. That’s what Complex PTSD does: At its heart, it’s an injury to your ability to connect with other people. You’ve probably been aware a long time that connection is hard for you. This is a terrible way to… Read More »


If your life feels empty and lonely, despite the fact that you do all the things that are supposed to fill up your life — you might be a COVERT AVOIDER. This is common for adults with CPTSD, who grew up with abuse and neglect. You might have a good career, you’re friendly, you’re interesting,… Read More »

How to Actually HELP SOMEONE With CPTSD

You can’t force a person with CPTSD to change: You can’t make them heal. You can’t make them learn about the adult effects of abuse and neglect in childhood, and you can’t even make them admit there’s a problem. But there are things you can do that genuinely help a loved one accomplish all these… Read More »