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CPTSD & Relationships: Who Causes the Damage? Who Can Heal It? (Excerpt from My New Dating Course)

Childhood PTSD can have a devastating effect on our entire lives — especially in our romantic partnerships. It can feel hopeless, but the great news is, when we focus on the part of our problem where we played a role, we CAN change. In this short excerpt from my new online course, “Dating and Relationships… Read More »

Welcome to the Crappy Childhood Fairy Channel!

Hi community, here’s a brand new intro video — My name is Anna (also known as the Crappy Childhood Fairy), and I help people recognize and heal the symptoms of Childhood PTSD. This short intro video tells you what my work is about. You can learn more on my blog: https://crappychildhoodfairy.com You may be interested… Read More »

Part 2: CPTSD and Attraction to Unavailable People

Early trauma like abuse and neglect in childhood can negatively impact our capacity to have healthy romantic relationships. This is the second of two excerpts from one video in my NEW course (there are 27 videos in total), all about our attraction to unavailable and inappropriate people — and how to stop dating them! You… Read More »

CPTSD & Attraction to Unavailable People: An Excerpt from my NEW Dating Course (Part 1)

Trauma in childhood can have a lasting impact on our romantic relationships. This is one of two excerpts from one video in my NEW course (there are 27 videos in total), all about our attraction to unavailable and inappropriate people (and how to stop dating them). It ends with a question but don’t worry, the… Read More »

Resentment: A Trigger for CPTSD and Dysregulation

What’s the difference between anger and resentment in Childhood PTSD? Is it really so wrong to be resentful? Isn’t there a risk of becoming a forgiving “doormat” if you lose the resentment you carry against those who wronged you? In this video I explain the everyday toxicity of resentful thoughts, and how to use my… Read More »

Childhood PTSD and Obesity: Interview with Mary Giuliani

The ACEs Study established a strong link between early trauma and later problems with overeating and obesity. Mary Giuliani shares how she lost 160 lbs (and has kept it off for 15 years), and how she teaches women strategies to calm the brain and face painful emotions and messages that drive overeating in the first… Read More »

The Key to Recovery from Childhood PTSD: Learn to Re-Regulate Your Brain

The effects of childhood trauma used to be seen as mostly psychological, but now we know there’s more to the story. In this video I talk about the problem of brain disregulation, and why learning to get “re-regulated” can jumpstart your recovery from Childhood PTSD. Learn more at https://crappychildhoodfairy.com Source: Youtube

What’s the Best Approach to Healing CPTSD?

Millions of people around the world are working to heal their Childhood PTSD (very positive). I’ve noticed there are two general approaches people follow, and in this video I tell you which one is more likely to recover. In one group, people are very in touch with what HAPPENED to them in the past. They… Read More »

Online Course: Healing Childhood PTSD: How the Course Works (Excerpt)

Here’s a quick video with an overview of what you can expect in my video-based, online course, “Healing Childhood PTSD.” You can learn more and register for the course here: https://crappychildhoodfairy.lpages.co/fairy-course-from-youtube.  One extra reason to register now: Those who are paid registrants will get 50% my upcoming sequel course “Dating and Relationships for People with… Read More »

Do You Have Childhood PTSD?

Neglect, abuse, poverty and exposure to alcoholism and addiction when you were a child can have lasting effects on your health, your cognitive ability, your relationships, and your career. The core problem is dysregulation of your brain and nervous system. The solution is to learn to become re-regulated faster, for more of the time, so… Read More »

Childhood PTSD and Your Brain: How to Get Calm, Clear and Focused

Trauma during childhood causes brain changes that can lead, later in your life, to problems with mood, attention, emotions, and physical health. Here’s a simple technique you can use everyday to start re-regulating your brain and healing from Childhood PTSD. Want to go deeper? Register today to take my online video course “Healing Childhood PTSD.”… Read More »