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Bipolar Depression and helpful tips for coping

I’ve suffered from bipolar depression, chronic anxiety, ADD, post traumatic stress disorder, dyslexia and stuttering all of my life since childhood and had to endure special education classes up to the 4th grade. Here I share those issues with you and offer my help and advice for those who endure similar issues in their daily… Read More »

PTSD by Maxi Jeffs – June 2019 (Mental Health Awareness)

PTSD and trauma in genreal are often misunderstood and can never be diagnosed accurately. This is partly because the ares has many complex components, symptoms, causes and presentations. We partly fail to diagnoise it due to a frontline lack of knowledge. The UK is a poor example of how a country takes responsibility for diagosing… Read More »

Melania Trump FLINCHES When Donald Trump Touches Her – Signs Of PTSD?

Earn real cash when you search, shop & take surveys with Qmee. Earn cash today. No minimum cashout. Daily surveys. Get deals online today – http://qm.ee/5EF857E9 ———————————————————————- Melania Trump FLINCHES When Donald Trump Touches Her – Signs Of PTSD? People think there is something weird about Melania’s body language in this clip of her and… Read More »


STORYTIME: ANXIETY | PTSD | PANIC ATTACKS WHAT IT DOOOO , WHAT IT DONTTTT, WHAT IT ISSS 🗣🗣🎤🔊❤️ It’s Dreaa And Meeko Back With Another Video ❤️ Add All Of My Social Media’s : Facebook: www.facebook.com/DreaaDeshayy Instagram: www.instagram.com/dreaadeshayy Snapchat: Add me on Snapchat! Username: dreaa_phee https://www.snapchat.com/add/dreaa_phee Also add meeko’s instagram : www.instagram.com/meekoloski_ Meeko’s Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/meekobrg… Read More »


The sadness and pain anxiety and depression can cause, really can be a life changing experience..I felt like my world was falling apart, I felt alone and helpless to my family and my children. If your suffering depressed or anxiety, please reach out to someone, if not family or friends, maybe a doctor or health… Read More »