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Queen of Denial Has PTSD?

Author and Former Prosecutor Loni Coombs talks about the claim made by the Jodi Arias defense that she is and was suffering from PTSD at the time of the murder of Travis Alexander. Is this a credible defense that the jury will be sympathetic to? Watch the full episode of Crime Time here: Source: Youtube

CAP Innovation Day Clip 4: PTSD Accommodations in the Workplace

At this event, we discussed some of the myths surrounding employment limitations of individuals diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. We also demonstrated several assistive technologies that can help individuals with PTSD/TBI with tasks such as note taking, writing, reading and remembering important information. Attendees also had an opportunity to have hands on experience with the… Read More »

Mental health diversion: A new way to get your criminal case dismissed

In this video, California criminal defense lawyer Karthik Krishnan discusses California’s new mental health diversion program, 1001.36 PC. The program allows some defendants to get their cases dismissed by obtaining mental health treatment in lieu of jail time. Eligibility is based on being diagnosed with certain psychiatric disorders. These include Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective disorder,… Read More »