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In Conversation…about Autism, Trauma and Dissociation

In this video from The CTAD Clinic, Dr Mike Lloyd, Clinic Director, speaks with Katherine Reuben (a Graduate Research Assistant from Georgia State University) about her research in autism, trauma and dissociation. Katherine has published a research study looking at the links between autism and trauma, highlighting specific factors that can make people with autism… Read More »

The Kansas Climate + Health Declaration

WE BELIEVE IN COMMUNITY RESILIENCE The Kansas Climate + Health Declaration aims to increase awareness of the impacts of climate change on public health, to increase civic engagement on climate action in Kansas, and to advance policies that build community resilience and safeguard the future of our state. Kansas Climate + Health Declaration Source: Youtube

Chapter 23, Behavioral Health Emergencies

After students complete this chapter and the related course work, they will be able to recognize behaviors that pose a risk to the EMT, patient, or others and the basic principles of the mental health system. Additionally, students will have the knowledge and skills to successfully assess and manage patients suffering from a behavioral health… Read More »


THIS BREATHING TECHNIQUE REDUCE STRESS,IT STIMULATES YOUR PARASYMPATHETIC SYSTEM TO PRODUCE A CALM AND RELAXED FEELING IN THE MIND AND BODY. .Christian praise yoga group has a goal to help people train the body ,mind to improve physical health . However, when online, it is up to the individual to assess whether they are ready… Read More »

HHRFwebinarSept21 HHRF will be discussing with Dr. Prudence Fisher the Man O’War Research Project

Are you interested in research on the efficacy of equine-assisted activities on PTSD? HHRF will be hosting Dr. Prudence Fisher (Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatric Social Work in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute) to discuss her work and… Read More »


Geger kasus pelecehan seksual di kantor Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) yang sudah terjadi selama sembilan tahun. Pelapor kerap kali mendapatkan perlakuan tidak menyenangkan dari rekan sekantornya yang kemudian membuatnya trauma dan mengalami PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Mengapa peristiwa ini luput dari perhatian para atasan di KPI, Komnas HAM, bahkan kepolisian? KPI yang seharusnya menjadi… Read More »