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Mental Health Chat Ep 7

Mental Health -Lets Chat. I am opening up the panel for anyone who would like to talk about their mental health. Let’s break the stigma of mental health and let’s do this. Come join our Facebook page. No judgment group: Mental Health Safe Place: https://www.facebook.com/groups/615430362617447/about/ I live daily with P.T.S.P, Agoraphobia, Depression, Severe Anxiety, Anthropophobia… Read More »

Veterans with PTSD learn to process emotions with family through Warrior to Soul Mate program

Veterans with PTSD are learning skills to process emotions with loved ones to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and strengthen life saving relationships with family, friends, and social supports. The grassroots educational training program was launched by U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs chaplains and social workers at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in… Read More »

Ketamine for PTSD – Jason – US Army Veteran, Afghanistan – Klarisana

Jason is a US Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan with the 20th Engineer Brigade. Like many Veterans, he had multiple experiences with mortar and rocket attacks as well as significant time outside the wire on convoys. In this video he shares his story of the challenges he had with coming home and trying to… Read More »

Healing after Trauma: Let's talk about healing through play!

Healing after Trauma: Let’s talk about healing through play! Releasing Your Authentic Self – A daily guide for healing after abuse or trauma. https://www.svavabrooks.com/healing-g… Join Svava Brooks as she walks her readers through her book Releasing Your Authentic Self. A daily guide to help abuse & trauma survivors rediscover themselves. Join us LIVE here for… Read More »

#Psilocybin #Therapy 5 #Psychedelic Mushroom Trips (84g total) to cope with #PTSD #Trauma #Amygdala

I have been going to therapy since 16, I am now 35. A lot of it was weekly, and it included cognitive behaviour therapy, coping mechanisms, understanding my past trauma, etc. I would never have been able to get where I am today without all the therapy, HOWEVER… the 84g I took over 1 year,… Read More »

How does bullying impact mental health?

Victims of bullying are at risk for a variety of mental health concerns. Depending on the form of bullying, they could develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or anxiety. Dr. Stephanie Eken, Rogers’ regional medical director, discusses the short and long-term effects bullying can have on mental health. Learn more at https://rogersbh.org. Rogers Behavioral Health:… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: How to Recognise the Outer Critic (Pete Walker)

This is the second video I’ve done on the Outer Critic based on Pete Walkers work and I can say with all honesty that as I move through the recovery process and my heart heals, it becomes even more obvious the psychological wound from the outer critic. I’m so happy to have done this video… Read More »

Complex Ptsd: How to Do Valentines Day with a Difference

How to Do Valentines Day with a Difference With Complex Ptsd we can go about Valentines Day differently and have awesome results! Free Valentines Day handout – https://consciouswarrioracademy.thinkific.com/courses/free-complexptsd-resources Source: Youtube

Corporate PTSD | Nate and Greg's World | Dave Rogers

Nate and Greg welcome Dave Rogers to the studio to talk about corporate PTSD, stress, depression, anxiety. We talk about treatments and choices to be made by society, the government, the health care system and the individual. Dave Rogers is an author, entrepreneur and life coach. Music: Wasted By Wellness (Epidemic Sound) Nate and Greg’s… Read More »

Three Ways to Help Someone with PTSD

A better quality of life begins with TMS therapy – the non-invasive, side-effect free solution to depression and anxiety symptoms. Say goodbye to harmful medications and welcome back your best self again with the safe, painless, and FDA approved treatment that has changed millions of lives for the better. Achieve the happiest version of yourself… Read More »

How to Change an Automatic Trigger Response

How to Change an Automatic Trigger Response WE all have automatic trigger responses where we lose the plot emotionally and reference our past. Here’s a fun way we’re going to start changing it up! Free Handout: https://consciouswarrioracademy.thinkific.com/courses/free-complexptsd-resources Source: Youtube