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TW: A Message For Ritual Abuse Survivors Who Are Struggling During the Holidays

Some potentially triggering topics mentioned include: Satanic ritual abuse and the energy it generates, Mk Ultra/Monarch mind control, dissociative identities, post-traumatic stress, flooding, deprogramming, healing energy, holidays, grief, romantic relationships, homelessness, codependence, shame, fear, meditation, torture, forced “perpetration,” innet child, multi-gendered dissociative parts, materialism We also used some words and phrases that may be particularly… Read More »

TW: An Integration Update from Kayvon, Damien & Katy (Mk Survivor w/Polyfragmented DID)

Hi everyone, this is an update from some parts of our polyfragmented system about some things we’re doing to integrate within our many subsystems. Some potentially triggering topics mentioned in this video include: Polyfragmented DID and integration, online abuse, trauma-based mind control and deprogramming, cognitive dissonance, post-traumatic stress nightmares, gratitude, the propensity for dissociation as… Read More »