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Dancing out the hyperarousal energy from triggered with PTSD. Otherwise will turn into anxiety.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder. My hyperarousal energy levels are very high in this video as in the previous video I talked about some a very triggering topic (religious extremism, control, abuse). I danced for a bit, changed into a red… Read More »

Family sues the police department after an accidental discharge

Keep me motivated by donating to https://paypal.me/thisisbutter Viewer discretion is always advised when watching this video or any others videos. I do not take any responsibility to your trauma, psychological and/or mental harm. I do not recommend anyone to attempt, act/reproduce, and/or create hate from what you see in this video or any other videos.… Read More »

Episode 3 Too Good To Be True? A Counseling Protocol That IS Healing PTSD (ft. Allen Kanerva)

In this episode Allen Kanerva of Inspired Outcomes joins Kari Russo and Jeff McLaughlin to talk about the science and mechanics behind the RTM Protocol (Re-Consolidation Of Traumatic Memories), which is being used to demonstrably heal PTSD. Source: Youtube

Episode 1 PTSD Is Not An Illness, It’s An Injury That Can Be Healed (ft. Dan Jarvis & Allen Kanerva)

In this pilot episode Allen Kanerva of Inspired Outcomes and Dan Jarvis of 22Zero join Kari Russo and Jeff McLaughlin to talk about the history of PTSD treatment and what the RTM (Re-consolidation of Traumatic Memories) protocol means for the future. Source: Youtube