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Bath time PTSD

I hate it. Ihate it. IHATE IT. Don’t want it. Bath time sucks and every single time it just gets worse. No wonder I have PTSD. This time I had a good plan to stop bath time from happening but the human didn’t fight FAIR and used a canidae related exploit. Honourless little turd. No… Read More »

Dogs Dramatically Reduce PTSD Symptoms

Dogs are human/s best friend- loving, excited, and science is continuing to show how dogs can improve the outlook of Trauma patients. Given the wind-down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are millions of traumatized veterans returning home. And that’s not to mention those with experiences in natural disasters, mass shootings, violent assaults, and… Read More »

Nightcore – PTSD (A song about PTSD in Military Dogs)

https://forms.gle/31Mx9qdw1WjVKvBN8 The above is the link for feedback! I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback about the song, as this is my first time making a full song! I would love to gather the feedback and learn to improve, so please do drop some comments in the link above, or down… Read More »

PTSD And Motorcycles

The time has come for Doc to tell us what exactly he felt while riding the Trans American Trail, and how he got to where he is today. Although we had lots of ups and downs, we stayed stubborn and enjoyed every minute of it – the good and the bad. Attitude is everything folks!… Read More »

Dogs rescuing people from PTSD

A charity in the UK trains rescue dogs to help former soldiers, police officers and healthcare workers suffering from trauma. And a dog named Dezi has helped one man turn his life around. #UK #Dogs #Charity Check out these playlists about Coronavirus Life Under Quarantine http://trt.world/Quarantine My Coronavirus Story http://trt.world/MyCstory Covid-19 playlist with instant stories… Read More »

Trained dogs help owners recover from PTSD

TRT World Health Correspondent Nicola Hill explains the relationship between dogs and their owners and how they provide relief for sufferers of conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. #Coronavirus #Dogs #posttraumaticstressdisorder. Subscribe: http://trt.world/NOW Livestream: http://trt.world/ytlive Facebook: http://trt.world/facebook Twitter: https://twitter.com/trtworldnow Instagram: http://trt.world/instagram Visit our website: http://trt.world Source: Youtube

Dog Convulses For 4 Years Since He Saw The Tragedy Happened To His Mother | Kritter Klub

*Please don’t forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles* Darong the dog saw the tragedy happened to his mom, which he shouldn’t have seen, and has had a seizure for 4 years so far.. What happened to his mother? #KritterKlub Subscribe: goo.gl/dGz4TU Get social with Kritter Klub On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kritterklub/ On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kritter_klub/ On… Read More »

Assistance dogs are helping bushfire first responders with PTSD | 7.30

For emergency workers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the loyalty and friendship of an assistance dog can be truly life changing. That’s why a whole new generation of support dogs is being trained to help the first responders who attended this summer’s devastating bushfires. Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-20/ptsd-assistance-dogs-bushfire-first-responders/11982998 For more from ABC News, click here:… Read More »