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PTSD Awareness

The Link: http://www.myspace.com/ptsd_awareness Hey i made this video awhile back for Joanne the person who runs the myspace for PTSD Awareness, Ive uploaded this on my old account but i changed a few pics in this one LYRICS TO SONG: TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART (Bonnie Tyler ) Turnaround, every now and then I get… Read More »

part F of G-8/7/17"HAVE PTSD /TAKING ADVANTAGE/WANT TO REMEMBER" 3rd sx-part 4a_2394

“Why am I crying?“ ”the meds”. domestic violence abuse child children neglect violate ptsd pawn minimize surgery consent emergency assault battery covert felony  “OW! OMG I HAVE PTSD   STOP TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME   I WANT TO REMEMBER” part 4a_2394 Source: Youtube

Two Dangerous Consequences of Abuse Trauma

“NARCISSISTIC EX AND THE NEW SUPPLY” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTHOeDPPc5c –~– Two Dangerous Consequences of Abuse Trauma Abuse is very traumatic and can leave lasting consequences. Physical Impact Body releases chemicals in response to trauma but long term exposure to those chemicals can cause organ failure, heart attack, stroke, depression and anxiety. Mental Health Impact You can re-experience… Read More »


I recently opened up about my struggles with PTSD and how it has affected my life. I have had so many people reach out who feel the same way and I’m beyond thankful to be able to make you not feel alone. A lot of people still don’t understand just how PTSD makes you think… Read More »

I-C-U No-more

Child abuse and violence affect millions of children and adults each year. Child abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect. Domestic Violence includes Social, Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual, Sexual etc. Interpersonal violence is violence between people and includes community violence, partner violence (also called “domestic violence”), and bullying. After abuse or violence many children… Read More »

Ex-Cop Confronts Mother-in-Law Who Says He’s Using PTSD As Excuse To Be Lazy

Former Miss Kentucky Latina, Daniela, says the last eight months that she and her husband, Robert, have been living with her mother, Elina, have been “hell.” She says Robert, an ex-cop, has been fighting the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, and Elina is constantly calling him “lazy” and “worthless.” Elina says she thinks Robert is just… Read More »