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Bad news…Arianna had to get back on blood thinners. But this time it wasn’t for the blood clot she originally had in her arm! Something is going on but her OB isn’t quite sure. Now its a waiting game to see what the hematologist says after she gets her blood work done. Arianna also gets… Read More »

DOCTOR VISIT FOR BLOOD CLOTS & Your Most Asked Question…Answered!

Arianna goes back to the doctor to talk about her blood clots and the next steps to take to insure we don’t have the same issue in the future. We also answer the most asked question that we have been getting from you guys lately. Where is Loki?!?!?!? ARIANNA’S CHANNEL ∙ https://youtube.com/ariannapflederer RYAN’S CHANNEL ∙… Read More »


Truth is…post partum recovery has not been going the best for Arianna. Since giving birth she has had a multitude of hurdles to jump over! The latest one has been blood clots. Despite trying everything that was recommended, she ended up in the emergency room and finally got some answers! It wasn’t exactly good, but… Read More »