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The NATURAL Tea Co: Discussing the Use of EMDR for treating patients with PTSD

Dr. Maxwell Senu-Oke is discussing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and it’s use in treating trauma patients. Watch my video and visit my website www.mynaturaltea.com Share this video Source: Youtube

7 What Happens After Trauma?

This highlights some of the clinical criteria for trauma disorders. Mostly taken directly from the DSM-V, we walk through some of the most important aspects of what PTSD and DESNOS can look like after trauma. Go to SenselessPeace.org for more information. Source: Youtube

EMDR: 3 things I wish I’d known before I started trauma therapy

In today’s video I talk a bit more about EMDR – eye movement desensitisation reprocessing therapy – a NICE approved treatment for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which I underwent in 2018. This follows up on my first video on EMDR and explores it a bit further and also talks a bit more about the… Read More »

Interview with Jason Lee

Jason Lee is an author based out of Coquitlam BC. He’s also a mental health advocate and speaker at events across Canada. His book Living with the Dragon, Healing 15 000 Days of Abuse and Shame has received praise from counselors and comes highly recommended as a resource particularly for men in recovery from depression,… Read More »

How I’m CURING My ADHD / PTSD – Also Energetic Purging, “Ascension Flu”

This is a longer video in which I discuss the major shifts I have noticed in my ability to concentrate and focus between the last time I attended college 3 years ago, and now. The tools being discussed in this video are Heilkunst Homeopathy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and Meditation. At the beginning… Read More »

FREE End of Trauma Webinar!

The End of Trauma is here! Join us in this webinar and learn all about the new Organic Intelligence® End of Trauma Course, what trauma really is, and how healing begins with your biology. Your biology wants to improve itself, grow itself, and heal itself – come learn how. https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026315339/9b31ae547f Copyright © 2019 Hoskinson Consulting… Read More »

The End of Trauma is Here!

learn all about the new Organic Intelligence® End of Trauma Course, what trauma really is, and how healing begins with your biology. Your biology wants to improve itself, grow itself, and heal itself – come learn how. Copyright © 2019 Hoskinson Consulting Inc. ————————————————————————– Learn more about Organic Intelligence® at www.organicintelligence.org and www.oiblog.org Follow Steve… Read More »

2 Years In Review – My BEST Tools – Self-Actualization – Addiction / PTSD / Depression / Anxiety

A longer video in which I discuss my progress over the last two years in healing myself ans self-actualizing using various methods. I struggled with addiction, serious depression, anxiety, and PTSD. There have been points where I wanted to die, but I managed to pull myself out of all of that using the various tools… Read More »

On a quest to end stress across the world with Dr. Amy Serin

Internationally renowned clinical neuropsychologist, inventor, and author, Dr. Amy Serin applies her expertise to heal a multitude of mental health problems both in and out of her integrative care clinics. In the last decade, Dr. Serin’s clinics have healed thousands of people and after consulting with militaries and international global crises responders, she set out… Read More »

How EMDR Aids Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder recovery is possible with a non-traditional therapy method called EMDR. Consider how it may help ease your symptoms. Read the full article on our blog: https://eddinscounseling.com/emdr-aids-complex-ptsd-recovery/ Or learn more about our EMDR services on our website: https://eddinscounseling.com/emdr-therapy/ Source: Youtube

Erase traumatic memory, New Module.

You can try our latest module to erase some painful episodes of your traumatic memory. It is also possible to overcome PTSD symptoms. Try to follow the protocol and its instructions. Erase Traumatic memories with our latest module is possible! Source: Youtube

What is Brainspotting Trauma and PTSD Therapy?

In this video we will describe the advanced mind body therapy called Brainspotting. Brainspotting is a powerful therapy for healing from PTSD, trauma, performance anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, and many other psychological issues. It has roots in EMDR and similarly allows for the reprocessing and releasing of negative experiences. It is based on the… Read More »