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Emory Doctors Study Post Traumatic Stress at Ft. Benning

The Maneuver Center of Excellence partnered with clinicians from The Emory Healthcare Veterans Program to help them better understand the stressors that cause Post Traumatic Stress to develop in Soldiers. Retired Lieutenant General William B. Garrett, an Executive Advisor to the program, led the charge in bringing the medical professionals to Fort Benning to train… Read More »

BraveHeart: Help for Veterans with PTSD

Full story – http://is.gd/q818px – Emory University and the Atlanta Braves have teamed up to offer Veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and their family members a variety of expert support resources through BraveHeart: Welcome Back Veterans Southeast Initiative. Our mission is focused on education, outreach, and helping people in the Southeastern United… Read More »

New Biological Pathway Identified for PTSD

High blood levels of a hormone produced in response to stress are linked to post-traumatic stress disorder in women but not men, a study from researchers at Emory University and the University of Vermont has found. The results appear in the Feb. 24 issue of Nature. Emory University media contact: Kathi Baker, kobaker@emory.edu, 404-727-9371 Full… Read More »