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How to overcome anxiety stress loneliness ptsd with energy healing EFT

Watch as Yvonne Decelis shows how to use energy healing EFT(emotional freedom technique) tapping to relieve negative feelings like trauma, depression, and more. Thank you very much for your visit to YDCtv today! ~Namaste~ Peace and light Yvonne de Celis (YDC) p.s. Nigel Normanton EFT video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxkOrF9kZtg 🙏💙🙏 Find Yvonne online at: Facebook: www.facebook.com/yvonne.decelis Twitter:… Read More »

EFT Tapping: Tap Along #27: Tapping on Financial Stress

EFTUniverse: http://www.eftuniverse.com Here, Dawson Church, PhD helps someone experiencing financial stress with the use of EFT. If you tap along doing EFT while watching the sessions of other people, your problems improve too! Several research studies have documented this phenomenon, called Borrowing Benefits. This series of videos shows clients working on their issues, and we… Read More »

What is Tapping? And How To Do EFT with Dawson Church

Coming Home With PTSD – EFT Tapping for Vets Home For Help With PTSD https://www.eftuniverse.com/trauma-and-ptsd/ptsd The Veteran’s Administration is scrambling to understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. By the end of 2014 a million US troops will come home from Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s estimated 20 percent have PTSD. Many others will never be diagnosed. We’ve… Read More »

Helping with PTSD in Reading, Berkshire and Didcot, Oxfordshire

Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP Helping with PTSD in Reading, Berkshire and Didcot, Oxfordshire http://www.theexcelpractice.com/ptsd http://www.theexcelpractice.com/eft Help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD in Reading, Berkshire and in Didcot Oxfordshire, near Abingdon, Oxford, Wantage, Newbury, Pangbourne, Henley, Caversham, Tilehurst, Wokingham, Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Basingstoke The Excel Practice Hypnotherapy Source: Youtube

Tapping for Success and Self Love with The 11:11 Coach

Tiffany Satchel aka The 11:11 Coach is a Certified Whole Life Spiritual Coach that utilizes the technique of EFT & the tool of Tarot to assist her clients in tapping into their Divine Core Frequency for Life. SUBSCRIBE @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQpOxkPOXTif7pussdNKEfQ What is EFT tapping? Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain… Read More »

How Meditation Can Help Active-Duty Soldiers

For service members in the U.S. military, post-traumatic stress disorder can quickly become a part of everyday life. The exposure to life-threatening events can leave soldiers — both retired and active — feeling hopeless, anxious, sleepless or in pain. But, as it turns out, meditation can help. Brains of Veterans With PTSD Changed After Mindfulness… Read More »

1499 Heal From C-PTSD, Rape, Molestation, Sexual Assault | Sexual Trauma Healing Testimonial

She spent 30+ years and thousands and thousands of dollars trying to fix the problems inside her mind. She was born into a dysfunctional family and suffered through abandonment, molestation, physical and verbal abuse, date rape and negative money programs. She thought she was set up for a disastrous life, but that all changed with… Read More »

Damaris Drewry PhD helps clients overcome effects of trauma and PTSD.

Traumatizing events are at the root of a huge range of physical and emotional issues including auto-immune issues, relationship repeating patterns, narcissistic trauma and childhood abuse. Dr. Damaris Drewry discusses her use of Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Linguistic Programming to resolve lifelong effects of traumatic events in Veterans as well as anyone who has… Read More »


Take my 30-Day Healing Challenge: https://30-day-grief-healing-challenge.teachable.com/p/30-day-grief-healing-challenge Rachel has created a grief healing app that will save your life. Download it for iPhone here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iheal-because-ifeel/id1111460894?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4%26amp%3Buo%3D4 Download it for Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iheal This video is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder recovery through a series of Mind, Body & Heart exercises from the perspective of a PTSD survivor.… Read More »