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My Life & Living with PTSD

Thank you for watching my video and if you would like to connect with me, my information is below: ChrisGraham1743@gmail.com Instagram @chris_graham94 My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9lFGNbd4VtkMjgu5dOeHw Kristen’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC88cPw8hW92AbYDZTNrgKBg Source: Youtube

Miniature Horse Named ‘Flirty’ Takes Commercial Flight

A horse is believed to have made aviation history, and Inside Edition was there for the momentous occasion. Abrea Hensley, 33, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, which she says is due to childhood trauma. Because she is allergic to dogs, her service animal is a horse she named Flirty. Together, they boarded a plane in… Read More »

Training My Cat To Help Me With PTSD

I have server PTSD and Mj is my Emotional Support Animal. He interrupts, panic attacks, flashbacks, nightmares and also can interrupt anger. Sometimes before I realize something is affecting me he will interrupt it. Mj plays a crucial role in helping me manage my Post Traumatic Stress DIsorder. Blue Eyes is also my Emotional Support… Read More »

Facts About Service Dog ID Cards & Vests Legal or Illegal?

Get the facts about service dogs & emotional support dogs. Find out if you and/or your dog qualify Visit https://assistancedogregistry.com/instant-service-dog-registration/ Watch the video then visit us for more details. FACT: Most People Do Not Know They Qualify For A Service Animal Or Emotional Support Animal. Service Dogs,Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs can benefit people… Read More »