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Awareness Facilitator Training – Module 3: BEYOND TRAUMA, INTO LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS

3. BEYOND TRAUMA, INTO LOVING CONSCIOUSNESS. Using past trauma to build awareness and transform darkness into light.​ This module allows us to contend with our darker sides and unconscious parts of our being. Trauma represents a block, mental or emotional, and traumatic events often must be worked through or their consequences addressed before healing can… Read More »

Let Art be a Light in the Darkness | Alastair Luft | Alastair Luft | TEDxDonMills

We may disagree over ideas and speak different languages, but we are united as people for the simple fact that we all have the potential, at least, to feel. And art, is how we share those feelings. Alastair is a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and author of The Battle Within, a novel… Read More »

The Impact of Trauma on Learning Part 3: Relationships

Children’s struggles with traumatic stress and their insecure relationships with adults outside of school can adversely affect their relationships with school personnel and with peers. Preoccupied with their physical and psychological safety, children who have experienced traumatic events may be distrustful of adults and/or fellow students and unsure of the security of the school setting… Read More »

MDMA Holds Potential to Help Those Suffering From PTSD

The party drug “MDMA” has now stepped away from the social scene and into the laboratories of science. It is suggested that ecstacy can help aide those suffering from PTSD, reducing symptoms and offering an alternative to the more traditional pharmaceutical approaches and their unwanted side effects. Follow on Twitter: Tweets by TheChrisCortex Article: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321681.php?iacp… Read More »

Healing Trauma Complex PTSD

Book A Session Here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13053144 Find Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lettinggotechniques/ Email me any questions you may have peneloperyder@outlook.com Complex PTSD Book By Pete Walker https://www.amazon.com/Complex-PTSD-Surviving-RECOVERING-CHILDHOOD/dp/1492871842 Complex PTSD millions and millions suffer from childhood trauma and in discussing the issue we begin to heal it. When we lack education in what it is we can not… Read More »

Post Narcissistic Stress Disorder (PNSD)

Helping people admit what they feel in order to heal from the effects of narcissism from a Biblical and Psychological Perspective. Website: www.NarcAbuseNoMore.org Email: NarcAbuseNoMore@mail.com Donate at: www.NarcissisticAbuseNoMore.com Watch/Listen at: https://www.brighteon.com IT Iz FINISHED End Times’ Ministries Website: www.ITIzFINISHED.com IT Iz FINISHED Email: ITIzFINISHED@mail.com Source: Youtube

Mask Off Accepting Anxiety, Depression & PTSD – Bradley Fleming ] Episode #3 Part 2

What’s up guys welcome back to The Harris Health And Mind Podcast. This week discussion is based around my guest Bradley Fleming’s personal experience with Anxiety, Depression and the effects mental health has not only on our physical being but also our internal wellbeing. The podcast once again is original and wanted to keep it… Read More »

VLOG: What My Tattoo Means & How Recovering From An Eating Disorder Helped Recovery From CPTSD

For info on the BA Recovery Self Care Group: https://bethanymarie1.typeform.com/to/qNoJeI __ Website: www.barecovery.net Patreon: www.patreon.com/barecovery —————– Source: Youtube

Weapon Focus – Memory, Terror, Traumatic Experiences & PTSD

Professionally Moderated Comment Section. Support this channel: https://www.paypal.me/lifechariot This video contains an audio snippet from the chapter describing the emotion of ‘terror’ from the book Deciphered Emotions: Cited Sources: Kevin N. Ochsner and Danil L Schacter, Handbook of Affective Science 2002, Chapter 32: Remembering emotional events: a social cognitive neuroscience approach, page 647 and 649.… Read More »

How To Heal The Emotional Body – Teal Swan

In this video Teal Swan teaches on of the first examples of The Completion Process in how to heal the emotional body. she takes Blake Dyer through an emotion and an emotional memory to follow this trigger to the first time it was felt, simply validating the emotion rather than the memory itself. This is… Read More »

PTSD: We are NOT Broken | San Pao | TEDxDirigo

In this riveting and personal talk, San Pao walks us through memories of a life lived with PTSD, exploring the many ways trauma and its consequences can manifest and shape a person’s path over time. Drawing on his experiences as a veteran, refugee, and son, he encourages us to talk about PTSD, openly and with… Read More »