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I Was Suffering: Parenting PTSD | Abigail Makepeace | TEDxSantaCruz

This TEDxSantaCruz talk is part of 22 surrounding our theme of “the Art of Hope.” Defined as the anticipation of something desired happening, hope is ferocious, persistent, necessary; hope is a powerful force for invention, change, and social justice. To hope is to be human. Our fifth TEDxSantaCruz event was held on December 7, 2019,… Read More »

The Peril of life for Women Veterans | Lily Casura | TEDxSanAntonioWomen

Women are one of the fastest-growing demographics in today’s US military. During and after their military service, women face unique challenges that can lead to homelessness. A longtime journalist, and newly minted master of social work (MSW), Lily Casura conducts macro-level research, performs data analysis, and studies policy implications regarding poverty, equity, education and homelessness,… Read More »

White Collar Gangster- Margaret McDonald: world's most successful madam

The change of career for the former convent girl from Berkshire began innocently enough. In 1992, after losing her £1,000-per-month marketing job in Milan, McDonald put an advertisement in the International Herald Tribune seeking work as a “personal executive assistant”. McDonald worked like this for three years, but eventually turned to procuring. When she had… Read More »

Childhood Trauma: Managing PTSD Through Therapy | Julia Torres Barden | TEDxGraceStreetWomen

Julia Torres Barden bravely shares her story of trauma. Kidnapped and raped when she was nine, Julia finds her way home afterwards, only to be further traumatized when the adults in her life don’t notice she’s in shock and has been terrorized. Already having been exposed to various types of abuse and childhood trauma, Julia… Read More »

How to Reduce the Risk of PTSD in the Workplace | Darlene Illi | TEDxBearCreekPark

Reducing the risk of PTSD in your workplace can start with a plan. “Don’t wait until it is too late” says Darlene Illi, a 911 Operator for 20 years. In her talk about how preventing the pain of PTSD is far easier than treating the trauma, Darlene shares her P.L.A.N. to help us manage daily… Read More »

[ASMR] Tingly Trauma Therapy Appointment: ASMR Desensitisation Therapy. Binaural Personal Attention

#ASMR #UKASMR #roleplay Hey beautiful, This video is an extra special video. I have combined the therapeutic effects of an ASMR medical role play with a real-world therapy for trauma (EMDT) to create a brand new therapy! The start of this video is a brief introduction (non RP, but whispered) – hear me out and… Read More »

A Journey to Joy After PTSD | Pricilla Martin | TEDxLSCTomball

This presentation would contain sensitive topics such as PTSD and veteran suicide. I would share my experience, the impact of loss on our family, and how I have grown and found strength through all of this with my faith, my family, and a newly found passion for PTSD Awareness. My message is: We will not… Read More »


English-Kurdish Translation. In this video I talk about the physical and psychological components of anxiety, when anxiety becomes a problem and is seen as a disorder, and list some of the common anxiety disorders, including PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), panic disorder, GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), agoraphobia and social phobia. I… Read More »

Why rethinking PTSD can change everything | Charlie Webster | TEDxNHS

In the summer of 2016 broadcaster and journalist Charlie Webster was in a comma and on life support. Thankfully she survived – a ‘miracle’ according to her doctors. But Charlie’s talk doesn’t focus on what happened, or even how it happened. Instead she charts the journey of followed. As she navigated the rough seas of… Read More »

Why do we make war? | Hector Garcia | TEDxSanAntonio

What are the causes of war? We have looked to economics, geography, culture, and politics for explanations. Still, after thousands of years, warfare remains as destructive and frightening—and its origins as perplexing—as ever. A good starting point is to ask if there is something common among those who engage in conflict. The answer is that… Read More »

Overcome Anxiety | Afifah Khan | TEDxYouth@BrightRidersSchool

Afifah Khan , a grade 12 student is passionate,kind,hardworking and sincere student. She is an excellent student academic wise and also a great public speaker. She mainly likes to write and speak about public issues and difficulties one faces. She will be talking about post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Visit: https://www.tedxbrs.org/ A concerned citizen,… Read More »

PTSD and service dogs: Beneath the surface | Shannon Walker | TEDxMtHood

Fox News radio stations seem to think Shannon Walker is the go-to expert voice representing the power of a service-dog in the life of combat veterans. No wonder. Shannon Walker is the founder and CEO of Northwest Battle Buddies, a non-profit foundation that matches expertly trained service-dogs with combat veterans battling PTSD. Shannon’s spark comes… Read More »