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T'was a Beach of 44 | STAGE 1 teaser

Hello. I’m in the process of a new EATEOT fan-project that I entitled “T’was a Beach of 44.” Rather than Alzheimer’s, this project will focus on the affects of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Expect the full release of Stage 1 sometime this spring. *I give anyone full permission to use this media in any… Read More »

The Urantaker – Everywhere at the end of Classic – Stage 5

ENG Stage 4 : Agony, chaos, now you have completely collapsed into unconsciousness. It seems that this veil will never fall from your eyes, there will never be order in your head. Something from reality continues to break through to you, but so abruptly and indistinctly that you no longer understand what it was. You… Read More »

Everywhere at the loss of vaporwave – Full Album – TassPass

Stage 1 Most of the memories are intact but the memory loss is coming very soon. A1 – Hot Air Memories (0:00) A2 – Nice Island (1:47) A3 – Pretty Dolphins (3:10) Stage 2 Memories are becoming a little too slightly more distorted. Struggles are made a little more often. B1 – Melting Ice Cream… Read More »