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Today we officially start the countdown to the release of Stolen Childhood on October 18th with our IMPACTS Campaign! When dealing with PANDAS/PANS, there are many things that get impacted in both the child and parents lives. Not only are they impacted physically and health wise but also socially, emotionally and mentally as well in… Read More »

Invisible Disabilities – Bipolar, PTSD

I am feeling exhausted and vulnerable and am tearful here but I wanted to talk a little about invisible disabilities, including bipolar disorder and post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD). Someone with bipolar disorder and PTSD can look very well at times, even when they are very unwell (such as manic). My mood has been unstable recently and… Read More »

Narcissism – Complex PTSD – Night Terrors – Taking Breaks

As it turns out, I was allergic to a medication I was put on during this time (starting a week before then). This video was made before the 7th of June. Any time I experience nice terrors, that was the case. What about you? Ever experience it? Read disclaimer below. Thanks for watching! Like, Subscribe,… Read More »

Dealing with PTSD, Complete Exhaustion, and Utter Stubbornness

There’s plenty of representation for 25 year olds with boundless energy. And lemme say, 25 year olds, I love you guys to death. You’re gonna change the future!! But what about an older demographic with less energy and more jadedness? Somebody’s got to represent them and give them some relatability.  I’m talking about mental illness,… Read More »