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Powerful Natural C-PTSD Healing Methods

Mark Smith’s life has recently been energized with some alternative methods of treating C-PTSD that were introduced to him by Zephyr Jali. See Zephyr’s complete list of links for every product, healing practice and many scientific documentation citations that we discuss below… To book a free 15min introductory session to see if Zephyr may be… Read More »

Unrelenting Resilience In Your Complex PTSD Recovery

Mark Smith is back from a video making break to discuss the highly encouraging topic of ‘Unrelenting Resilience In Your Complex PTSD Recovery’ • Have been waiting for inspiration • It is a marathon • A lifelong condition • You can and you will relapse • Don’t give up hope • Dancing in the rain… Read More »

Post Traumatic Injury – Mark Smith

Mark Smith presents a paradigm shift away from viewing PTSD as a Disorder and away from seeing it as being about stress management but rather rightly seeing it as a profound psychological and physiological INJURY. Post Traumatic Injury I’ve missed you all – I’ve been busy with dodging a hurricane 1. Comment from a Client… Read More »

Narcissistic Abuse Is A Self Inflicted And Self Treatable Wound!

Mark Smith shares about his own ongoing struggles with Narcissistic Abuse and Complex PTSD and teaches how to arrange and train for the best possible future outcome for thriving in every aspect of your life. • NOT Childhood Narcissistic Abuse of Course • This video is mainly for people 50 and older – you 20… Read More »