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PTSD & Mental Health: an Air Paramedic's Journey to Recovery

Meet Bryan Stevens, the owner of Frontline Forward in Kitchener. Bryan is a retired paramedic with over 30 years in the field with half of his career spent in the air as an ORNGE paramedic. Today, Bryan shares his story with me about his mental health, challenging past, CPTSD and most importantly – his recovery.… Read More »

Fire Fighter discusses PTSD and who it can affect

If you or anyone you know is suffering from PTSD, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, or is feeling suicidal then remember that you’re not alone and please don’t hesitate to seek help. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255 ————————————————————————————————————————— Twitch.tv/A1_Twins Twitter.com/TwinA505 Twitter.com/SSBMtwin1 Source: Youtube

Day 1052 of 6901 for Suicide Awareness (More Heatwave!)

Day 1052/6901. Push ups for Veterans suffering from PTSD, 22 of whom commit suicide daily. I am a serving member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and am pledging to do a set of push-ups to my maximum each day until the end of my contract in 2035. Please like and share to spread awareness.… Read More »

Gary Evans: Fire Fighting and PTSD – Flame Storytelling 2

Garry Evans, tells his story from starting out as a young keen fire fighter to finishing his career with PTSD. 100% heartfelt and totally moving, everyone really valued Gary getting up and telling his journey. Thanks Gary! If you are interested in attending a live event or perhaps becoming a storyteller, find us at: https://newcastleflame.com/… Read More »

Camp My Way 2019 Getting My Life Back … Naturally

Camp My Way Wilderness Therapy Program for combat veterans, first responders and their families who have been effected by PTSD, mental health / substance abuse challenges. registared NON PROFIT SOCIETY www.campmyway.com Source: Youtube

WHAT IS PTSD? | Bell Let’s Talk | Episode 1

With Bell Let’s Talk coming up here on January 30th I wanted to take the time and discuss a mental illness that focuses on our uniformed front line Officers, EMS, Fire Fighters, Nurses and Correction Officers. These people deal with trauma during their careers non stop and most never deal with until they are fully… Read More »

Living with PTSD | The Fire Fighters Charity

Thousands of firefighters like Mark receive the support of the Fire Fighters Charity every year. That support ranges from general guidance to bespoke physiotherapy and psychological treatment at residential centres. What these disparate interventions have in common is their reliance on the public’s generosity. The Telegraph is supporting The Fire Fighters Charity as part of… Read More »

Lifelines Documentary Series — Posttraumatic Stress

First Responders are routinely exposed to traumatic events in the course of their duties. In fact, at any given time, one in four First Responders is experiencing Posttraumatic Stress and if left untreated, they are at increased risk for long-term mental and physical health problems. However, with the support and care of family, friends and… Read More »

THE CALL – Bob Ferguson

For any first responder the job has inherent risks. Without spreading awareness, Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness that can continue to go undiagnosed for many. Bob Ferguson is hoping that by telling his story more first responders can identify within themselves that what may seem to be stress could have an… Read More »

Men 101: PTSD

Subscribe to Rogers tv on Youtube: http://bit.ly/1JYz4uO   Watch Men 101 on Rogers tv in Mississauga and Brampton Wednesdays at 11pm   More Men 101: https://twitter.com/Men10111   Get more Rogers tv: http://twitter.com/rogerstv   Follow Rogers tv Peel:http://twitter.com/rogerstvpeel   Like Rogers tv Peel: https://www.facebook.com/RTVPeel/   Men 101 is a new talk show offering a male point of view on relationships, health issues, fashion, fitness, and current affairs. Featuring… Read More »