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Video Games & PTSD

Video Games and how it helps with PTSD symptoms, as well as other mental health symptoms. below are related links and studies of this: https://www.research.va.gov/currents/0519-Video-games-can-help-Veterans-recover-from-mental-health-challenges.cfm https://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/praise-for-video-games-as–ptsd-therapy https://www.complex.com/life/2016/11/veterans-day-millennials-video-games-ptsd https://connectingvets.radio.com/articles/can-video-games-prevent-ptsd Source: Youtube

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Half-Life 2: The PTSD Mod 2

The PTSD Mod 2 by Ethosaur ► https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-ptsd-mod-2 Vinny streams Half-Life 2: The PTSD Mod 2 for PC live on Vinesauce! Stream Playlist ► http://bit.ly/1Gc3uBb Stream date: Jan 5th, 2020 Subscribe for more Full Sauce Streams ► http://bit.ly/fullsauce Follow Vinesauce on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/vinesauce Follow Vinesauce on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vine.sauce Follow Vinesauce on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vinesauce Subscribe to… Read More »

Project Reality – PTSD 4.0

—-Read Description—- This is my final PTSD montage so I Hope you guys enjoyed it :p. It took about a month to finish, and i’m quite satisfied with the end result. Also considering the fact that I found the music while 420 blazing it in the bahamas. Source: Youtube

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Half-Life 2: PTSD Mod

Vinny streams Half-Life 2: PTSD Mod for PC live on Vinesauce! ► http://bit.ly/hl2-ptsd Subscribe for more Full Sauce Streams ► http://bit.ly/fullsauce YouTube Gaming and Twitch Livestream of Half-Life 2: PTSD Mod! This is a Half-Life 2 mod for PC, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88). Stream date: August 21, 2017 Follow Vinesauce on Twitch:… Read More »

Overwatch Animated Short | “The Last Bastion”

Explore the origin story of Overwatch’s inquisitive transforming robot in our fifth animated short: The Last Bastion! Watch it now and then begin your watch: http://www.buyoverwatch.com “The Last Bastion” follows the forgotten battle automaton, Bastion, as it unexpectedly reactivates after laying dormant in the wilderness for over a decade. Fascinated by its unfamiliar surroundings, the… Read More »

Project Reality PTSD 3.0

—— Read Description——- I’m Done with these types of Long Videos Way too exhausting. Between recording then seeping through the videos,and editing its way too much. 3 weeks in the making and Its finally Done though so this is good. Just be aware that I had some rendering issues and after 30+ hours of editing… Read More »