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Freedom From Complex PTSD

Book A Session Here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13053144&notembedded=1 Find Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peneloperydermentor/ Complex PTSD Pete Walker Book https://www.amazon.com/Complex-PTSD-Surviving-RECOVERING-CHILDHOOD-ebook/dp/B00HJBMDXK Hypnosis Downloads & CDs https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/ Email me any questions you may have peneloperyder@outlook.com I am a certified Faster EFT Practitioner. Faster EFT allows for Emotionally Focused Transformations. The three main elements that make up Faster EFT and Neuro-Linguistic Programming… Read More »

Effects of PTSD on Families with Jason Heath – Hiblio TV

Post-traumatic stress disorder can make somebody hard to be with. Living with someone who has nightmares, is easly startled and often avoids social situations can take a toll on the most caring family. We chat to Jason Heath about the emotions family and friends may experience and the importance of taking care of themselves; both… Read More »

PTSD video

PTSD kan behandles. Prolonged Exposure er evidensbaseret og uhyre effektivt. Hvis du generes af invaderende erindringer om traumatiske hændelser, enten i form af billeder, indre film eller i form af mareridt med traumerelateret tema, kan Prolonged Exposure (PE) ofte hjælpe. Det samme gælder, hvis du føler stærkt ubehag, når du bliver påmindet om traumet. Læs… Read More »

Women and PTSD

Bernadine Fox and Don Wright on Both Sides Now invites Actress and Filmmaker Michelle Brezinski to talk with us about her PTSD that developed after a workplace trauma. It is a harrowing story of trying to get the medical profession to recognize how the experience of a death, at her workplace, impacted on her. Source:… Read More »

What is Complex-PTSD?

Do you feel unsafe? Are you on high-alert in fear for something negative or traumatic to take place? Within this video I reveal examples of where and how C-PTSD begins, I identify the symptoms, and offer some remedies/solutions to work through the past, the thought patterns, and to be able to talk through and process… Read More »


In this Spotlight on Soul Retrieval Episode, I focus on how Soul Retrieval is used in the Shamanic treatment of PTSD. In this series of ‘Spotlight on Soul Retrieval’ videos I introduce many of the challenging real life situations which have resulted in my clients experiencing soul loss, which has then been remedied with the… Read More »

Why I'm Open About My Anxiety/PTSD/Mental Illness

Not everyone is as open with their struggles as I am, and that’s okay. But I wanted to explain the reasons behind my openness to you all! If you liked this video, check out my book THE BURDEN I CARRY MAKES ME STRONG out October 15th: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XJZZVJ3 Source: Youtube

Mindfulness or Grounding? What to use for PTSD and Complex Trauma

While many survivors turn to meditation and mindfulness for stress relief, these may actually worsen triggers and flashbacks for some, when healing from trauma. This brief video provides an overview of Mindfulness and Grounding for trauma survivors. COMMENT BELOW: Are you a trauma survivor who has used meditation? Or grounding? What are your experiences with… Read More »