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I Have PTSD – But I Wasn’t In A War

PTSD stands for Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. I talk about what caused mine and what the symptoms of it are for me. Also how my life has been impacted from it. Resources if you are in crisis: National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741 ______ Also I’ve written a book! Check… Read More »

War Within (Ptsd Song) Lyrics

Hi folks, I learned recently that no less than 22 US soldiers a day take their own lives as a result of PTSD and it’s associated illnesses. If this statistic is to be believed (and I see no reason why it shouldn’t), then this effectively means that more soldiers have been lost to this illness… Read More »

Can PTSD cause sufferers to break from reality? What is a dissociative state?

In this webcast, Dr. Frank Ochberg helps trauma survivors understand the term dissociation. Dissociation can be thought of as a defense against panic and terror. Instead of having acute awareness of the surrounding danger, instead of having accurate recollection of a devastating event, one has a hypnotic reverie, like being drugged. Source: Youtube

Obi-Wan has PTSD

Obi-Wan faces his past when Luke Skywalker shows up on his doorstep. I do not claim to own Star Wars or any properties in Star Wars. They belong to Lucasfilm and Disney. I do not claim to own the song “I’m Scared Too” by Steven Price. This is an edit for entertainment purposes only for… Read More »

Police, Fire Fighter, First Responder Effects of PTSD, What it feels like to have PTSD

The effects of PTSD on Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and First Responders, and everyday people. What it feels like to have PTSD https://www.gofundme.com/supportofficerbutch&rcid=r01-153618692034-18e9c20a7e0d4f26&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w Please pass this on to any and all, share your thoughts and emotions. The little known or ignored issues of PTSD have taken the lives of many first responders. Many think this… Read More »

EMOTIONAL ABUSE! And the long-term effects

Today we talk about the long term effects of emotional abuse. She shares with us how her past emotional abuse affects her today, and how the PTSD symptoms are the hardest for her to move past. Secondly, she talks about how we can talk to the abuser know about the abuse and what to do… Read More »

Living In Survival Mode For So Long Creates PTSD and Triggers

Post-traumatic stress disorder is real. When the brain has experienced a traumatic event it downloads all data related to the trauma. When the brain experiences a stored trigger the body responds with a fearful reflexive response. This makes sense. A little girl who is molested by a man who wears Old Spice aftershave may experience… Read More »

Complex PTSD: 13 Steps for Managing Emotional Flashbacks (Pete Walker)

13 Steps for Managing Emotional Flashbacks by Pete Walker. www.petewalker.com You can find a printable list of Pete’s 13 Steps on his website. Remember, Consistency, Commitment & Courage to the process will help you decrease the flashbacks. Homework today: Make a list of all your qualities. Pete Walker -http://www.pete-walker.com/flashbackManagement.htm FB group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/complextptsd/ Source: Youtube

Ptsd after giving birth – when childbirth leads to post-traumatic stress disorder /READ NEWS

Ptsd after giving birth – when childbirth leads to post-traumatic stress disorder /READ NEWS A few months after Kabita gave birth in 2008, she began to suffer terrifying flashbacks. The delivery of her son had been deeply traumatic: He had been born unconscious after the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and he was immediately… Read More »

Limbic System: Sex, Hallucinations, Emotion, Memory, PTSD, Amygdala… Brain Mind Lecture 6

http://BrainMind.com Brain Mind Lecture 6: Limbic System, Introductory Overview: Amygdala, Hypothalamus, Hippocampus, Hallucinations, Memory, Emotion, Sexuality, Amnesia, Flashbacks, PTSD, Brain Mind Lecture 6, Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. http://BrainMind.com The video constitutes one of six Brain Mind Introductory Lectures, posted on youtube, each providing an introductory overview of the functional organization of the brain. To reduce confusion,… Read More »

Me myself & PTSD

Some posts with the Great Mike Shinola singing his song I love these lyrics xxx stop the stigma This is a fan made lyric video. Please check out Mike’s official music videos. POST TRAUMATIC is out now! Buy Mike’s solo album ‘Post Traumatic’ on his website: http://mshnd.co/PT Check out the songs from the album on… Read More »