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The 4 Commitments For A Successful PTSD Relationship | PTSD TV Relationships

Are you committed to your healing? What does commitment mean to you? To us commitment means that you remove all other options from the table…you stop dabbling and you go all in and hold nothing back. It’s time to commit to yourself, your healing, your relationship, and to never giving up until you fully recover.… Read More »

How To Generate Energy From Thin Air | PTSD TV Monday Motivation

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and have zero energy? That’s a problem most people have…PTSD overwhelms your brain and makes you feel exhausted. It’s vital to have a strategy and routine in place to ensure that your generating energy every single day. You want to have a system in place to get… Read More »

STOP Trying To Heal Your Relationship From PTSD | PTSD TV Relationships

When you have 2 hurt people coming together trying to solve problems nothing gets better… Usually things end up worse…more fights, holes in walls, and closed off hearts. It’s because 99% of people focus on healing their relationship…and this is all wrong! Things don’t get better until you heal each individual. You need to spend… Read More »

How To Use Your "Built In Success Mechanism" To Recover From PTSD | PTSD TV Book Club

Today Brad and I talk about the book “Psycho Cybernetics” and how you can program your mind for full recovery from PTSD. Your mind is like a machine, one that automatically strives to achieve any goal it’s fed. The problem here is that most of us feed our minds with negative goals through worry and… Read More »

Famous Failures Series: Thomas Edison | PTSD TV Monday Motivation

Today is the first episode of our “Famous Failure’s” PTSD TV Monday Motivation Episode. Today we’re talking about Thomas Edison and how we can learn to become a master over failure. Edison had hit many roadblocks in his life, but it didn’t stop him from achieving extraordinary things in his life. He’s been called too… Read More »

3 Steps To Handling ANGER | PTSD TV

Here’s something that almost no one knows how to handle…anger! One little and seemingly insignificant thing can set off a chain reaction of negative emotions that hurt you and everyone around you. Once the dust has cleared and everything has calmed down you’re left feeling shameful and guilty for what happened Here’s the key to… Read More »

Turning Points In PTSD Recovery With Jen Ready & Kayleen Wright

Today I got the privilege to sit down with Jen Ready again and talk about the biggest turning points in our recovery. Both Jen and I had PTSD and have fully recovered from it. Along our journey we both ran into a series of turning points that made all the difference. Each one was an… Read More »

The 5 Love Languages For PTSD Relationships | PTSD TV Book Club

Do you feel like you do everything for your partner, but they don’t even appreciate it? This comes from a lack of perspective…let me explain… You and your partner accept love in different ways, and the way you accept and give love may not be the way your partner accepts and gives love. Today Brad… Read More »

How To Optimize Your Environment For PTSD Recovery | Monday Motivation PTSD TV

How does your environment make you feel? Does it support you in your recovery goals, or does it pull you down like anchors? Today Brad and I talk about how you can optimize your external environment so it supports you in your recovery. Most people’s environment act like anchors to their life…it pulls them down… Read More »

Is It Possible To Save A Relationship From PTSD | PTSD Relationships: PTSD TV

Our BEST PTSD relationship episode EVER! Today we ask a big question… Is it even possible to save a relationship from PTSD? More than that…can you be happy together and not just tolerate your existence? Today we answer that and more. Brad and I go DEEP into the lessons and principles that we learned that… Read More »

How Long Does PTSD Recovery Take? | PTSD Q&A: PTSD TV

How long does it take to fully recover from PTSD? A month, a year, a lifetime? Those are all possible, but how quick you heal depends on 3 things… Want to know what these 3 things are? Today we’re going to show you the 3 things that we learned throughout our recovery so you can… Read More »

What's PTSD V.s What's Human PTSD TV Friday Q&A

What is YOU and what is PTSD? It seems like a never ending internal battle between you and your PTSD… I used to always ask myself… “Why do I always lash out at Brad, the love of my life?” I could never understand why I was so angry, sad, frustrated, and scared all the time.… Read More »

Are YOU the one giving your bad days power? PTSD TV Monday Motivation

Welcome back to Monday Motivation! Today Brad and I talk about BAD days and how to discover whether or not you’re adding to the pain. Most of the time our thoughts and actions perpetuate the downward cycles in our lives. It’s 99.99% likely that your thoughts are producing negative actions that are causing you to… Read More »