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Doki Doki Literature Club – Anime Girl PTSD (FINALE)

This is the final episode of my adventure through Doki Doki Literature Club. It’s an adventure I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful to all of my friends who showed up every night to encourage me and keep me going even as I was scared out of my mind. ——————– My Links! ——————– Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Hokius Twitter:… Read More »

A Flight Through PTSD – Bomber Crew Episode 1

Hey guys hope you liked the video if you did it show us some love by leaving a comment or liking and subscribing for more content. Rush Members in Video – @lukeneffbaseball2 Edited by – @tristin_edwards55 Show everyone some love on Instagram – @lukeneffbaseball2 @tristin_edwards55 @jfmelvin @michael_armington1 @tye_thomas4548 Disclaimer- All assets used in the video… Read More »

TOP Twitch #1 | Andy Needs Help! | Sliker has PTSD! | Grahamalot tells his mom about earrape!

TOP Twitch Clips! Subscribe! Top Streamers you see in the clips: pokelawls captaincondiment ClintStevens Friskk ItsSlikeR Sequisha shiabun ZombieDrea boomervr jiffyytv andb xQcOW fuslie TwinkleCave Kotton middlegray obwilly excesstigress JaShinYa mmovan Kinamazing taura illairl theplaiibox Wintrycelll Bastiat gingerlox JonnyRotten Sumo005 Outro Music: Youtube Music Sunshower No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to Fair… Read More »

cat has sad ptsd

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welfare. EPISODE 6: PTSD

Welfare is a 6-part comedy web series that explores the bureaucracy and hypocrisy in Australia’s welfare system, and how its rules and regulations lay waste to compassion and common sense. Created by Laura Jane Emes and Steve Bastoni Original Concept by Laura Jane Emes Written by Samuel Bartlett Directed by Frank Lotito Produced by Laura… Read More »

Diamond View | Video Agency | PTSD Social Experiment – ART International

Watch as we go undercover with hidden cameras to capture the genuine reactions of unsuspecting customers at a local coffee shot in Tampa, Florida. Millions of American across the nation face similar obstacles on a day to day basis due to PTSD. This social experiment raises awareness and more importantly provides hope for a revolutionary… Read More »

Igor & Boris – "PTSD" (A Day in the life of a Modern Knight)

Igor & Boris – “PTSD” In this episode Boris has frightful PTSD which results in him having flashbacks of his past, but Igor is not one to care for such foolish nonsense. Music: Platoon Main Theme Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Op.20, Act III Concl, Allegro Flashback Video/Audio: Saving Private Ryan, Katy Perry, HowToBasic, A day in… Read More »

Minecraft Civilization 2: Minecraft Gave Me PTSD!!! [Part-3]

Hello YouTube! And what is hang-tangin to my subscribers? Ladie and gentlmen, welcome to my friends and I’s second civilization series! We decided to build it on top of an ocean this time. In this episode, I find something out that may or may not lead to the fall of the Civ. Enjoy! Music: Minecraft… Read More »