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Loathe To Play Kingdom Hearts – Ep. 4 “Sora Has Some Serious PTSD”

If you hate yourself, subscribe: https://bit.ly/2QkVJFt Welcome to Loathe To Play! A comedy(?) gaming duo, whose only real talent in life is our bitter outlook and sarcastic attitude. So, why not play video games on the internet, it seems like a perfect fit! Every Weekday we will bring to you what you didn’t ask for:… Read More »

Canadian Forces | Remembering Medak

The Battle of Medak Pocket was the most significant fighting for Canada’s forces since the Korean War. As many as 27 Croats were killed and four Canadians wounded. The battle would change the face of peacekeeping, and influence how the Canadian military approached post-traumatic stress disorder I found this video on Vimeo and was amazed… Read More »

War Thunder | F.222.2 | “The PTSD bomber!”

Join Joseph2000 and DarkAngel as they fly out in what DarkAngel has christened the ‘PTSD’ bomber! Why? Watch and find out. Enjoy. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tddt1963 Email addresses: Any questions: qawithdtt@gmail.com Sub replays: dttsubreplays@gmail.com Certain aspects, of War Thunder, may change between recording and uploading of videos. Whilst I will always strive to be… Read More »


THIS GAME GAVE ME PTSD | Baleful EVERYTHING seems to scare me! Baleful is a short horror game that puts the player in an unfamiliar house. You may feel alone in this uncanny home, yet there are traces of someone (or something) else here. ► Game link(s): https://gamejolt.com/games/baleful_horror/374020 https://buggyspaghetti.itch.io/baleful Leave a comment of what you… Read More »


WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT AND MAY DISTURB SOME VIEWERS My journey throughout the most highly-acclaimed visual novel series called Muv-Luv. After spending countless hours into Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited, I finally arrived at the best part of the ”plot”, the last installment of the series called Muv-Luv Alternative. Social Media TWITCH • http://www.twitch.tv/Dyrus… Read More »

When The PTSD Kicks In | Random Shenanigan #6

I thought it was over … The nightmare that is Unlimited Bahamut … Unfortunately, … i was wrong | Music Used | [Gameplay] Emotion, Drama, Sad Song from Movie Music : [Outro] “Smart Riot” by Huma-Huma : | DISCLAIMER | All music and content included within this video is owned by the respective artists and… Read More »