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Targeted Individuals get out in public, as much as, you possibly can, in beautiful, calm, peaceful settings, as a form of, “exposure therapy”. Gang Stalking is meant to, “isolate”, don’t allow it. According to the Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, the definition of Exposure Therapy is: Therapy that involves repeated real, visualized, or simulated exposure to, or… Read More »

Your Targeting Does Not Define You: There Are Many Layers Of Deception To These Programs

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER  The medical and natural health information contained in this video is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, and should not be a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.  Please… Read More »

Covert harassment. Organized stalking. Gang stalking. Illegal surveillance. ptsd

Alleged neighbors one of many that are displaying stalking behaviors and activity. So many times when i go outside so do they. 8am. 10pm. 2am. So many times all different hours So now i decided to start posting videos again Being bombarded with noises 24/7 Being attacked with microwave energy Directed energy From above my… Read More »

Aunt Judy Lee @ Home, You Can't Get Too Much Help For Complex Trauma

Here are the videos of Richard Grannon’s. Like I’ve said, I believe they are AWESOME and can get many people with complex trauma over some hurdles. Also he speaks in a way that very much makes me understand the unusual sensitivities or trigger spots that are now my “norm.” And its OKAY! I’ll NEVER be… Read More »

Aunt Judy Lee @ Home, Kind Of My CPTSD Overview

More and more I am coming back into my skin. How I’ve managed is remarkable, extraordinary even. All along “they” were saying I was unstable and “they” were just trying to help. “They” are F.O.S. Accepting the reality the medical and psycho analytical groups who surrounded me are emotionally void has been very stressful and… Read More »