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People-Pleasing is a survival strategy that helps kids fit-in with other children and and placate abusive or neglectful parents. But for adults with CPTSD and Childhood PTSD, people-pleasing can be toxic, blocking self-development, keeping us stuck and even putting us in danger. Here’s what to do. You can learn my techniques in this short, free… Read More »

Healing Trauma / Sleep Meditation / Mindful Movement

Meditation, sleep meditation, mindfulness exercises, and positive affirmations can be useful tools for healing from past trauma. When we experience stress in our lives, whether it is chronic low levels of stress, or intense traumatic events, a cascade of events are triggered in our mind and body that can lead to disease. As we gain… Read More »

CPTSD Can Other People Sense It YT

People with CPTSD from childhood trauma often suspect everyone can tell they have problems. What causes that? Is it even true? In this video I talk about the non-verbal cues we send out that can tip people off that we’re wounded inside. Ready to start your healing from early abuse and neglect? Take my hugely… Read More »

Ten Tips To Healing Trauma | PTSD | Pandemic | Anxiety

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You Don't Need A CPTSD Diagnosis to Start Healing

Some mental health diagnoses are important. But most people with CPTSD or complex trauma from childhood have never been diagnosed — or they may have been MIS-diagnosed. If trauma from your childhood is causing problems for you now, you don’t have to wait. You can start identifying and healing your symptoms NOW. You can learn… Read More »

Why I Don't Go to Therapy

If I had it to do over again, I would have stopped going to therapy long before I did. Most commenters on this channel told me they felt the same way; a few were astonished and wanted to know more. In this video I explain WHY therapy not only didn’t help me heal from Childhood… Read More »

Defeating Trauma – The Power of Enhanced Resilience – PTSD recovery – Polyvagal Theory

Defeating Trauma – Martial Arts for Justice Founder, Master Dean Siminoff, introduces healing program, Enhanced Resilience, in Rwanda for women and genocide victims helping with PTSD recovery using Martial Arts and Polyvagal Theory techniques. Source: Youtube

How To Heal BRAIN DYSREGULATION From CPTSD: 10 Questions About the Daily Practice

My Daily Practice is what I call the twin techniques I used to heal brain dysregulation and other symptoms of CPTSD. In this video I answer common questions from the thousand of Fairy fans who have taken the course. YOU can learn these techniques in my FREE online course “The Daily Practice”: http://bit.ly/3608opl If you’d… Read More »

Guided Meditation For Healing Trauma & PTSD – Love & Forgive Yourself To Heal Painful Memories

Are you in need of rest, relaxation, stress relief, some inner peace, healing, or suffer from anxiety? Try our gentle and effective, high quality guided meditations to help you relax whilst you are taken to a place of calmness, peace and serenity. Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/c/imagerelaxationvideos Guided Meditation For Healing Trauma & PTSD – Love &… Read More »


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