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Post Traumatic Stress, Mindfulness & Returning Veterans

Portions of two presentations given at the Post Traumatic Stress & The Returning Veteran Conference: Improving our leadership of veterans employed in public service sponsored by the Hillsboro Police Department July 2009 Source: Youtube

Post Traumatic Stress-Inspiration and Motivation For Healing and Wellbeing

http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Re-connect-Pieces-Life-Shattered-ebook/dp/B00J6DC4CO and http://www.amazon.com/PTSD-Children-Growing-Influences-Adult-ebook/dp/B00KXG0EHA Music by Bob Proctor and Michelle Blood. Inspiration and motivation to persevere in your journey through PTSD. Even though some days will be harder than others, keep going and try not to get disheartened. It is a marathon not a sprint and you will need to build stamina and endurance mentally physically… Read More »

PTSD Sound Therapy with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Music

This track is for those who suffer from ‪Post-traumatic stress disorder‬ (PTSD), and was created for the 9/11 anniversary and for those who have been greatly affected from wars such as in the middle east. Support Brainwave Music by purchasing a music download for you to enjoy – all music sales go into helping us… Read More »

3 PTSD Myths In Need of Busting Healing Academy

When you start responding to trauma triggers—for example, overreacting to an everyday situation—do you begin to think you’re crazy? I know I do sometimes. But you and I have to remember that our sanity isn’t compromised when we get triggered. It’s quite literally a matter of biology and psychology—our brains on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).… Read More »

PTSD | Stress | Anxiety FREE! Effective Guided Meditation

Do you need to talk about anxiety or depression confidently from your own home? Speak with a licensed and professional therapist online. You can call them or speak via text. The service costs as low as $35 a month, and you don’t have to leave your house to use it. Click on the link below… Read More »

How to be Grateful for PTSD

This video is my story on how PTSD protected my spirit and how I helped myself heal from the trauma inflicted upon me. Healing from trauma takes time and effort but I am hoping that the video will help others find the power within themselves to begin the healing process. Source: Youtube

Healing Cptsd – Silencing the Inner Critic- After Narcissism

Healing Cptsd – Silencing the Inner Critic – After Narcissism Most victims of narcissistic abuse suffer Cptsd. One of the characteristics of Cptsd is having a negative inner critic that constantly points out your flaws and makes you feel as if you are never enough. You CAN heal Cptsd you CAN silence the inner critic… Read More »

UNFREEZING the Freeze Response || FACEBOOK LIVE Q&A EPISODE || with Irene Lyon

This is another one of my Facebook Live Q&A’s that I do regularly in my Healthy Nervous System Revolution Facebook Group. If you’d like to join, head over: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nervoussystem/ I answer A LOT of great questions in this episode and I’ve decided to post those questions here so you can see the depth of questions:… Read More »