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[Trauma Tips #3] Why everyone can heal, but not everyone will.

Welcome to #3 in this Trauma Tip Series! Thank you for being here. In this video I dive into a common question I get asked, “Irene, can everyone heal?” My answer isn’t always what folks want to hear, but it is the plain truth. So be sure to check what MUST be in place so… Read More »

Challanges And Fun In The Narcissistic Abuse Community

Please be sure to check out Chanel’s channel Kill Jezebel for more information about upcoming meet-ups in NY http://www.paypal.me/kimwilsontv Thank you for your donations to our channels PayPal account. Source: Youtube

PTSD Patrol Road Crew

Older veterans need to stop getting out of the way and start leading the way again! You are the majority of veterans in this country and sadly, you are also the majority of veterans committing suicide. You changed the way PTSD is treated and everything that came afterwards, is because of your efforts. What the… Read More »

Compare/Contrast Narcissistic and Healthy Relationship

If you would like to take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ In this video, Nova and I discuss and take questions about some obvious and not so obvious differences between abusive narcissistic relationships and healthy relationahips. Nova Gibson is a licensed Mental Health Counselor with Brighter Outlook Counseling Service based in… Read More »

Why You Can’t Function Anymore and How to Start Living Again After Toxic Relationships

Why You Can’t Function Anymore and How to Start Living Again After Toxic Relationships – Discover. Understand. Overcome. It’s how smart people change their lives! Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AuthorAngelaAtkinson?sub_confirmation=1 *****Closed captioning provided by Athena Moberg and CPTSDFoundation.org, providing Daily Recovery Support™ to survivors and practitioners through trauma-informed education, resources, and daily calls, led with… Read More »

My Trauma Story

TW: sexual abuse, mention of depression, anxiety, and C-PTSD I am in no way speaking on behalf of any trauma survivors but myself. This my story. Thank you for listening. Survivors deserve to be heard. Join the #IAMTRAUMASTRONG movement by using the hashtag and joining the facebook support group! FB Group for Trauma Survivors: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2222393938000914/… Read More »

Self-Help to Overcome PTSD & Trauma – Supplement & Alternative Treatment, Recovery & Cure

Your Patreon support is warmly welcomed and will help me help even more people: https://www.patreon.com/joachimeriksson Contact me for Professional Online Therapy: http://livefree.ie/contact-joachim-eriksson/ To contact Tory Aiden-mann please write to: toryaidenmann[at-sign]gmail.com Joachim Eriksson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist certified with a Post-graduate Diploma by Dr. Joe E. Keaney, Director of the ICHP – Institute of… Read More »

Time Regression with DID & CPTSD: Reverting to Ten Years Ago At New Home: DID Struggles

✨✨✨Time Regression with DID & C-PTSD: Reverting to Ten Years Ago At New Home: Insight into Dissociative Struggles of DID✨✨✨ (original recording: 3/6/2018. music: “Infinite Perspective” by Kevin MacLeod) ✨✨✨THE KRISTIN CHRONICLES✨✨✨ “The Kristin Chronicles Journey: Living with a Dissociative Identity” is a blog written by Kristin Windsor who has struggled severely with dissociative identity… Read More »