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Episode 2: Marine Veteran Mike Ergo Talks About Overcoming PTSD and Addiction

Hear how Marine Veteran Mike Ergo overcame his addiction to drugs and alcohol that was brought on by his PTSD. Mike served time in Iraq during one of the bloodiest campaigns in modern U.S. War history, and it shapes his life after his service. Mike will take you on a ride that starts with his… Read More »

How PTSD/Trauma can be healed *Possible triggers*

For a long time people with PTSD have been told they will never get over their traumatic memories. Can be controlled by medication and years of therapy. Trauma therapy has progressed greatly beyond counselling and medication. New neuro-science can show how traumatic memories are encoded in the limbic system. Psycho-sensory techniques can break the chemical/electrical… Read More »

Your Power To Heal with Henry Grayson, PhD

Henry Grayson, Ph.D. is the founder of the Synergetic Therapy Institute, co-chairman of the PTSD division of the Stand for The Troops Foundation, and author of Your Power To Heal. In this show, Dr. Grayson talks about how you can achieve a healthier life by focusing on how to: 1) Believe in your inner power… Read More »

EMDR & CPTSD part 2

In this video I continue my discussion of EMDR therapy, my journey onto the healing path, and invitation for you to find your own hand to hold (whether it’s mine, a podcast guest’s, or any other soul with whom you connect) and begin (or continue) your own healing quest. Thank you for honoring my story.… Read More »