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Part 2 PTSD & CPTSD in the "black" community definitions of PTSD

Continuing on from part 1 period we’re talking about the definition of PTSD and CPTSD. Trauma means your nervous system went into shock. We often only equate being in a state of shock to extreme cases of PTSD like being a soldier at war. PTSD is a spectrum from knicking your knee when fall off… Read More »

Can We Die of A Broken Heart? Heart Mind Coherence

Today we talk bout stress and traumatic live events and how they can effect our body and our overall health. #SelfCare #UnconditionalLove #Fearless #Love #Healing Like, Share, Subscribe, Hit The Bell set to All Notifications:) Please do not take anything said here in lieu of your medical doctors advise or medications prescribed to you. Use… Read More »

Positive Change Tour – PTSD – Cannabinoids Therapy

#Ok, here is a link for our fundraiser! Please share the word and give what you can!!! 😉 Tomorrow morning starting at 5 am PST, and 8 am EST #GivingTuesday begins. Please help us raise funds for our Postive Change Tour. Facebook will match up to 7 million dollars of donations given on this day!… Read More »


The INNER CRITIC of ours has probably been there ever since childhood. Certain life events or situations can enhance the presence of the INNER CRITIC in our lives, especially when we are unusually stressed or in toxic relationships. Particularly for people who struggle with addiction, codependency, fragmented selves and childhood dysfunction, such as those with… Read More »

Healing In Health/PTSD

#healing #selflove #mentalhealth Healing In Health/PTSD (after narcissistic abuse) Learn to live again…in peace. Like/Share/Comment/Subscribe https://teespring.com/stores/self-love-self-help No copyright infringement intended…Fair use practiced and all rights reserved. Google The Average Editor (Jazz) Source: Youtube

Healing after Trauma: Let's talk about Shame.

Healing after Trauma: Let’s talk about Shame. Releasing Your Authentic Self – A daily guide for healing after abuse or trauma. https://www.svavabrooks.com/p/2019-group Join Svava Brooks as she walks her readers through her book Releasing Your Authentic Self. A daily guide to help abuse & trauma survivors rediscover themselves. Join us LIVE here for hope and… Read More »

How I overcame my symptoms of PTSD and started feeling better.

In my experience healing PTSD comes down to 1. recognizing triggers 2. responding appropriately to triggers 3. Reprocessing and desensitizing unresolved trauma by finding unique ways to communicate to the subconscious brain. (Symbols ,images, etc) 4. Continual practice of a grounding technique such as breathing or awareness. Source: Youtube

Webinar: Post-Traumatic Stress in the Military: Honoring Those Who Serve

Director of Military and First Responders Trauma Recovery Program, Bill Reynolds, PA-C, provides a historical overview of military trauma and current clinical updates and statistics for those affected by wartime stress. Although PTSD has different origins, this presentation is also applicable for those who treat non-military patients. Hear about the latest treatment modalities, evidenced-based approaches,… Read More »

C-PTSD: When Are We a Victim?

If you would like to take advantage of the TalktoDavid service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ We must know when we are being abused and have been abused. Maybe even more importantly, we must realize when it stops. We cannot heal from an abusive relationship, change and be successful, until we see and accept what is wrong… Read More »