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STORYTIME: Dealing with PTSD, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

In this video I talk about how my past caused PTSD and how my stress eventually leads to panic attacks. I also talk about how I was able to get myself out of a panicked state and back to who I am. Affirmations video: https://youtu.be/ilToMZ4m7Qw Latest video: https://youtu.be/mxpO_sx4aZA I hope these help guys! Much love!… Read More »


XARMY BATTALION CONTRACT – TEN “MERCENARIES WITH VALOUR” – SHADOW BOXING! This is a “FULL ON cRaZy” PVP Competition open to only members of the XARMY Battalion. Those members who have a heart condition, high blood pressure, or suffer with rage should think twice before entering this “battle of the bastards”! The star prize is… Read More »

Q&A Narcissist Abuse & C-PTSD Part 3

To take advantage of the DeMars Coaching service, please visit https://www.daviddemars.com/ Shane’s Law Petition: https://www.change.org/p/protection-for-victims-that-are-suffering-emotional-psychological-and-financial-abuse-by-narcissistic-personality-disordered-individuals Suicide Prevention (US) 1 800 273 8255 Domestic Violence help (US) 1 800 799 7233 Home Suicide Prevention (CAN) 1 833 456 4566 Womens Aid (UK) 0808 2000 247 Domestic Violence help (AUS) 1 800 RESPECT (737 732) Suggestion: The… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ 6 ~ Strategic and Tactical

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder tactics include knowing what people, situations or stresses will result in the breaking of situational continuity resulting in the manifestation of violence and loss of peace. If an activity does not contribute in some constructive way to long term goals than take ownership of that and manage it appropriately. Source: Youtube

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ 2 ~ Management

As with any illness PTSD by necessity changes the contour of our lives. The more structure and routine you can implement in your life the better the chances of achieving the peace and stability that you need to prosper. I do not speak of excessive activity but rather a lifestyle of balanced choices. Source: Youtube

Push-Up Challenge | Not Bad | First 5 Days

25 push-ups for 25 days to help raise awareness for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Anxiety and Depression that drive people to commit suicide. (The rules are simple): *Once you are nominated your 25 days starts the following day. *Everyday you record yourself doing 25 push-ups even if you have to drop to your knees… Read More »

The Best Way To Handle Post Traumatic Stress How To Handle Sudden Shock And Loss

We all feel that the world is stable and secure, that sudden change and loss will not happen, at least not to those or us we know. When the world as we know it suddenly changes and the impossible happens, not only can we experience shock and trauma, but our normal anchors can disappear. Confusion… Read More »

Marriage Q&A 7: Understanding & Supporting Spouse with CPTSD -Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In this Marriage Q&A video, we answer a reader’s question about understanding and how to support a spouse with CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Watch the video to see our response. Then, share what you would do to support your spouse IF they had CPTSD. SUBSCRIBE & hit the 🔔 to get more practical and… Read More »


BATTLE 76: Tier 7 – VBL Ingwe – Grindelwald Grand Prix. Map: Grindelwald – GLOPs – Respawn. Weapon System: ATGMs only! Time: 10 Mins. Mission Objectives: – Death Race Battle. 1. Follow the pre-planned route only! 2. NO Stopping, or U-Turns! 3. The team with the most damage wins “VETERANS-UK [XARMY] Battalion” “BRIT-CRUSADER” is a… Read More »


BATTLE 75: Tier 5 – Wiesel TOW – vs – Wiesel TOW. Map: Frontline – PVP One Life. Weapon System: ATGMs only! Time: 15 Mins Mission Objectives: Advanced PVP Battle. “VETERANS-UK [XARMY] Battalion” “BRIT-CRUSADER” is a War Gaming channel dedicated to Military Veterans who enjoy playing the PC Game ARMORED WARFARE. This online multi-player modern… Read More »