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How to release anger from the body – somatic healing tool

Anger is an emotion (e motion = energy in motion) that we are meant to feel and release, however most humans let anger get stuck inside of them. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) anger is stored in the liver and if not processed (or moved out) can cause dis-ease and emotional dysfunction. Moving the… Read More »

Is Neurofeedback Alternative or Mainstream Medicine?

There’s a lot of confusion about Neurofeedback in general. Is it accepted in mainstream medicine? Is it considered Alternative Medicine? There’s a couple of different ways to look at this. Especially when it comes to mobile neurofeedback that you can use at home. Hope you enjoy the video! **Coaching with Dr. Cody*** https://www.techforpsych.com/coaching ***Additional Resources***… Read More »

Brain Wellness Spa

The Brain Wellness Spa is a global first mental health treatment service which uses Quantum Nero Recoding to rewire the brain’s thought patterns. Brain Wellness Spa specialise in highly effective alternative mental health services, that have noticeably improved the lives of thousands of Australians over the past decade. The Spa has helped patients reduce symptoms… Read More »

Breathing Meditation for Complex PTSD: Feel Your Diaphragm, Know Balance & Calm

Your breath is amazing! We nourish the brain and body with the breath, and we can calm the central nervous system and reduce anxiety by breathing skillfully. In this guided breathing meditation, Karuna focuses on feeling the diaphragm, an amazing muscle that breathes us at night. She also focuses on the rise and fall of… Read More »

Guided Meditation for Complex PTSD: Connect with Inner Voice

Inner voice is weak and, sometimes even confused as the inner critic, for many who have experienced Complex PTSD due to childhood physical, emotional or spiritual neglect and abuse. In this video, Karuna offers a centering meditation designed to connect you with inner voice and encourage sharing inner truth with ease. The focus is on… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Spiritual Bypassing: Dissociate No More!

Disassociate no more! For those who manage Complex PTSD, the lure of the pursuit of spiritual perfection can draw us into dissociation, a common coping mechanism from childhood. In this video, Karuna puts the spiritual practices into perspective: Meditate to reduce anxiety and bring greater awareness; study and embrace therapy to better understand and recover… Read More »

Alleviate Anxiety, Complex PTSD: Guided Breathing in 3 Relaxing Yoga Postures

Feeling anxious or out-of-sorts? We are here to help! In this video, Karuna guides breathing while Lizzie demos three relaxing postures on the floor. Have 2 blankets and a basic dining chair or ottoman ready. This video is also great for those with Complex PTSD. Is this video and Karuna’s channel helpful? You are invited… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Spirituality: Trigger Terms! How do we Heal for Real

How are wounds from Complex PTSD, ultimately, resolved and healed? Through cognitive therapy we understand the hurt or trauma–and understanding supports healing. Then, by embracing our more peaceful nature, through spiritual practice, the wound is soothed and, in its own time, resolved and healed. In this video, Karuna encourages us to let go of any… Read More »

Complex PTSD & Childhood Trauma: Use Dissociation to Your Advantage

Those who have experienced Complex PTSD or trauma are quite familiar with dissociation (relating to an expansive field in order to cope with and alleviate childhood abuse or trauma). If that’s you, here’s some good news: That part of the hard work of become whole and healthy is done! In this video, Karuna encourages us… Read More »

Reduce Anxiety from Complex PTSD with the 3-part Yoga Breath

People who manage Complex PTSD most often also manage a nervous system that has been in an adrenalized, hyper-vigilant state. In this video, Karuna guides the 3-part Yoga Breath, which utilizes the lungs fully, helps to calm the central nervous system and reduces anxiety. From here, those who manage Complex PTSD can better assimilate and… Read More »

Guided Meditation for Complex PTSD: Healing and Wholeness

Once we understand Complex PTSD through personal insight and cognitive therapy, the dysfunctional imprints of the past can be dissolved and healed. In this guided meditation, Karuna focuses on healing, authenticity and wholeness. Download Karuna’s full meditation programme, The Ten Qualities of a Powerful Mind: http://www.hubfortheheart.com/downloads/experience-the-10-qualities-of-a-powerful-mind/ Visit Karuna’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/Karunahubfortheheart/ Instagram: Hub for… Read More »

Guided Meditation for Complex PTSD

Karuna offers a brief 10-minute centering meditation for those who have experienced Complex PTSD due to childhood physical, emotional or spiritual neglect and abuse. The focus is on being present and authentic while calming the central nervous system from a hyper-vigilant state. Download Karuna’s full meditation programme, The Ten Qualities of a Powerful Mind: http://www.hubfortheheart.com/downloads/experience-the-10-qualities-of-a-powerful-mind/… Read More »