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SIGNS – Scott Steele – PTSD Awareness

Signs, a powerful song about the struggles of our veterans and those fighting PTSD. A song meant to shed some light on the homeless veterans and those that truly need our help and support. 1 in 4 homeless men are veterans who have fought and served this country. Many battle with PTSD on a daily… Read More »

"It's never too late to open up" – PTSD Awareness Month

For National PTSD Awareness Month, we asked our Intake Coordinator David what he wants people to know about PTSD. He says he wants people to understand “the way that it creates in people who have experienced trauma this simultaneous need for closeness with other people, but also this crippling opposition, or sometimes fear, of closeness.”… Read More »

Help A Homeless US Marine Vet With PTSD

Hi friends, I am Joseph a US Marine Vet (rtd). One of the greatest services one would render to its country is enduring that he or she defends its sovereignty and the territorial boundaries from any external aggression even if it means doing such with his or her last strength. Dulce et Decorum Est, in… Read More »

Lady Gaga Speaks Out About Suffering From PTSD

More from The Insider: http://bit.ly/2czsdNE Lady Gaga is speaking out for the first time about her struggles with PTSD. Her admission on the ‘Today Show’ comes almost exactly two years after she opened up about being raped at the age of 19. Source: Youtube

#Psilocybin #Therapy 5 #Psychedelic Mushroom Trips (84g total) to cope with #PTSD #Trauma #Amygdala

I have been going to therapy since 16, I am now 35. A lot of it was weekly, and it included cognitive behaviour therapy, coping mechanisms, understanding my past trauma, etc. I would never have been able to get where I am today without all the therapy, HOWEVER… the 84g I took over 1 year,… Read More »

Traditional Heroic Dosing #Psilocybin (18g) helps CPTSD, Autism, Suicidal Ideation #gooplab #ptsd

5 Trips with Mushrooms did more for me than 15 years of therapy. In the video, I talk about heroes, how happiness can be ripped from our lives, and how I tried to process the current state of my life against the world. From Trump to Ford, the war against each other and ourselves, or… Read More »

Suicide reasons with bipolar, trauma, PTSD

TW: Suicide. I am feeling vulnerable and exhausted, as well as processing, hence not looking my best plus being tearful. This is a very difficult topic for me to address. I felt anxious but then the anxiety eased when I talked (my anxiety increases when I avoid). I talked about some of the reasons I… Read More »

Neurodiversity, Autism & Bipolar

I used to be supportive of the neurodiversity paradigm but now I distance myself from it because of the extremism I see – it has become cult-like with activists and advocates attacking people with different points of view, including people with the same diagnosis. People who are passionate about the neurodiversity paradigm tend to see… Read More »

Even The Statues Look Down On Me

Danny Collins is a 64-year old ex soldier who used to be homeless and lived on the streets for many years in various cities across the UK. Originally from Liverpool, he was medically discharged from the Army and was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Finding that he could not cope with holding down a… Read More »

Plight of the Homeless

Images of homeless people set to Music. An estimated 235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. The main cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing. Rents in major Canadian cities are constantly on the rise. Other factors to homelessness may include: divorce, eviction, post traumatic stress disorder, foreclosure, mental illness and substance abuse. Source:… Read More »

Paul Kemp, Founder Veteran Sisters

Helping Women Veterans Survive The Nightmare Of PTSD And Military Sexual Trauma t is estimated 1 out of every 5 female veterans have experienced Military Sexual Trauma and 9 out of every 10 suffers from PTSD. Female veterans are 2 1/2 times more likely than non-veterans to commit suicide. There are an estimated 3,600 female… Read More »