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EPISODE 220: Grief, Dissociative Disorder, PTSD and Healing it All: Meghann

Grief from the loss of a loved one triggered a deep fear of death. Meghann began coping with marijuana, which triggered a dormant dissociative disorder that separated her from her life for a time. This is the story of their healing journey back into living again. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: NEW VIDEO TRAINING SERIES! 12-week… Read More »


Sharing to all of you guys my experience Real Time with my doctor explaining about mental problems which is common now a days specially when you are OFW’s working hard ,away from your love ones. What is PTSD, anxiety and depression? #PTSD #mentalhealthawareness #depression Source: Youtube

10 Hrs/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Subliminal Meditation/PTSD/ Finding Peace/Airplane Sound

My life feels empty, lonely and dark. I shout in anger, but it’s an empty bark. I am alone in my pain which feasts on me, Understand me, help me, this is my plea! Yet inside me hope is like a seed in Spring, growing upwards towards the light, now I can sing! When one… Read More »

War Vet Finds Healing Thrill in Adventure Therapy with Cat and Dog

When Stephen Simmons came home from the Iraq War, he struggled to find his place in society. Fighting overseas had conditioned him to expect adrenaline-filled days, so returning to a quiet civilian life was a challenge. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) only compounded the struggle. Stephen turned to running and hiking in Oregon’s high mountains with… Read More »

Old Warrior attacks the problem of PTSD and Mental Health.

Discussing how to apply the core concepts of Humility and Integrity to both mental resiliency and healing from mental trauma. I address the nature and causes of PTSD and other trauma related mental and emotional suffering and provided some arguments for how to start on the road to healing by questioning your own fundamental beliefs.… Read More »

Finding Hope – PTSD and Suicide Prevention – Veteran Affairs – Play For Your Freedom

Even if you think there’s not help out there. Or even if you feel that there’s no hope…. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE. We here at Play For Your Freedom are dedicated to helping veterans stay healthy. Our goal is to assist those who are dealing with PTSD and the impact this can have of an… Read More »

Discovering My Scars Book Trailer

Buy book: https://dospod.us/buybook Buy eBook: https://amzn.to/2oYYWDj Buy Audiobook: https://amzn.to/2BG22ys Discovering My Scars is a moving account of a young woman’s struggle with unexplained depression that leads her to cope with non-suicidal self-injury. One dramatic day in her college dorm, self-injury landed Stephanie Kostopoulos in the surreal world of a psych ward for 74 hours. Those… Read More »

Would I take a cure for bipolar disorder and PTSD? Hope

Feeling a lot better after a very difficult few weeks. Bipolar disorder doesn’t have a cure. It can be managed with varying degrees of success. I still get mood cycling on meds, just less extreme than without. I cannot currently work full-time but am working part-time with flexible hours. I am having treatment for post-traumatic… Read More »