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Health and Wellness|5 Essential Remedies for Depression

Health and Wellness|5 Essential Remedies for Depression The first thing to recognize when speaking of depression and the different treatments for it, is that there are different types of depression. Each of these types might require a different treatment, in order to alleviate symptoms and cure the disease. Depression and suicide are very much connected… Read More »


#howtodealwithdepression #howtodealwithanxiety #mentalhealth Hello!! My name is Dae Dae! Welcome to my channel! This channel is basically about my everyday life. Also interesting topics, history, current news, and much more! I’m very open minded and have a free sprit! Please subscribe and turn on your post notifications to stay in the LoOp!!! 🤪🙂 THANK YOU… Read More »

Chit Chat GRWM: 10 Ways I’m Coping With PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety || THE MELLOW LYFE

Just thought I’d be a little more transparent with you all. Hope you enjoy this video and take away something valuable. Honesty goes a long way, in my opinion. . . Keep in touch with us: @asa.mell @hilomello Source: Youtube