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MIND MATTERS: Anxiety – Resolving trauma / PTSD

Dr. Laurie Cestnick www.drlauriecestnick.com facebook.com/DrCestnick This is a short video discussing what you need to do to remove trauma / PTSD from your body, mind, and emotions. In short, you need to replace the traumatic feelings with neutral or other more helpful emotions. To do this, you MUST never avoid thinking about what happened, but… Read More »

What Successful Treatment For Anxiety And Depression Looks Like

Yesterday I discharged 3 clients with variously, PTSD, severe anxiety and depression. I show you the treatment results of one who went from severe anxiety and depression to cured in 7 sessions over 3 months. I then show you how you can achieve similar outcomes using all the tools of Active Self Help cognitive behavior… Read More »

You are a star of your own movie but an extra to everyone else

Little bite #14. If you spend time wondering what others think of you then you are making the mistake of believing you are a star in the movie of their lives. You are only a star in your own, you’re only an extra in theirs. Source: Youtube