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Complex PTSD and Fawning

Pete Walker talks, in his book, “Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving,” about discovering your “trauma subtype.” The “fawn type,” as he describes it, is a person who learned to please others and work to stay in their good favor in order to feel safe. Often the children of narcissistic parents, people who’ve learned to… Read More »

S2 E1 Closed For Construction! #Cptsd #Ptsd #Hsp #Unipolar #hsp #highlysensitivepeople

I am not selective about the content I share upon this platform, that I stand upon! 🚧 There are many sides to a story, however there is undeniably only 1 truth! 🚧 Those of us, who are witness to our own journey know truth … we know because from the eyes of the child we… Read More »

CPTSD, and Our Unique Traits & Tendencies in How We Respond to Trauma

Personality traits affect how we experience and respond in cPTSD. A one size fits all mentality is useless in the face of trauma. Getting a handle on our disposition and unique susceptibilities as human beings can help us strategize how to adapt, treat, and heal. Source: Youtube