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S2 E1 Closed For Construction! #Cptsd #Ptsd #Hsp #Unipolar #hsp #highlysensitivepeople

I am not selective about the content I share upon this platform, that I stand upon! 🚧 There are many sides to a story, however there is undeniably only 1 truth! 🚧 Those of us, who are witness to our own journey know truth … we know because from the eyes of the child we… Read More »

CPTSD, and Our Unique Traits & Tendencies in How We Respond to Trauma

Personality traits affect how we experience and respond in cPTSD. A one size fits all mentality is useless in the face of trauma. Getting a handle on our disposition and unique susceptibilities as human beings can help us strategize how to adapt, treat, and heal. Source: Youtube