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ICU Diaries Help Prevent PTSD | JHM Piloting the Initiative

Critically ill patients are at increased risk of psychological trauma post-discharge. Diaries maintained by nursing staff and families have significant impact on reducing that risk. The Johns Hopkins Hospital is a national leader in applying this cost-effective enhancement to patient care in the intensive care unit. http://bit.ly/1l3s5BH Source: Youtube

How to survive a stint in the ICU psychologically unscathed

Did you know, you don’t have to be “living” dangerously, to get PTSD ? A stint in an ICU, can bring on the condition, impeding your recovery long term https://betterbodychemistry.com/stress/avoid-icu-ptsd/ Here is a recap of this video 00:10 A case of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) 00:44 PTSD in the critically ill 01:22 The ICU… Read More »