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CPTSD: How to Feel SAFE

When CPTSD is active and our brains/emotions are dysregulated, we can be easily triggered by things that upset us, including things people say or do (or don’t do), things that are shocking, or just everyday stressors. Getting triggered can cost us hours and days of disruption, so the search for a “safe space” can be… Read More »


Happy New Year Friends! It’s 2019. My Year of Healing. For those who do not know, I have been recently diagnosed with Complex PTSD from Child Hood trauma. I want to share with you guys about it and to help those out there who suffer from abuse. You are not alone. I am with you… Read More »

Is inner peace possible when you have complex PTSD?

have you tried just about everything but don’t seem to make any progress? your internal world is still a painful chaos? click here to try Holosync https://bp242.isrefer.com/go/ap179/TWindegger/ If you’d like to ask me more questions about my experience with Holosync click here to book a chat 🙂 https://calendly.com/tanjawindegger/just-ask Download your free workbook on healthy boundaries… Read More »